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The Dance and dancing thread
Cha Cha done as a line dance for males or females.... interesting.

... or done to Kiss & Respect, as a cabaret dance, why not?


This is indeed very professional dancing, but why do they have to dance a Vienese waltz to this music????????? The question begs answers.


Nice synchronicity of the group on this rumba, but I fear it lacks the romance / sexy bit somewhat. Good job nonetheless.

This one, with a professional and a non professional, on the other hand, does it, methinks... despite the "stumbles".


Someone had a great idea for the girls' costumes, don't know that I approve of this lousy music for a paso doble... what, what, what is the point????? Crowd pleasing???


I miss dancing a lot. Bummer that I can't dance for 6 weeks.

To satisfy my crave, I watch dancing class via Youtube. Below are few of my favorites.

Dancing Class by Camillo, Violetta & Robert

Dancing Class by Miguel Antonio

Dancing Class by Jasmine Meakin

Dancing Class by Iker

Dancing Class by D'Block

Dancing Class by Seeyang

And one of my most personal favorites dance choreography by a Korean boyband called Shinee.

Sigh. I'm so going to dance my butt out after 6 months.

I LOVE to dance. It is like a drug. One with only AWESOME side affects and no come down. Smile

I can't dance worth a damn. Which is too bad because I'd like to. But, the way I can't bend like I used to and the fact I have no rhythm, I just watch instead.

Big Grin

Footloose (1984)

The prom dance. Always makes me smile broadly.


Jay Wrote:I miss dancing a lot. Bummer that I can't dance for 6 weeks.

Sigh. I'm so going to dance my butt out after 6 months.

Never mind 6 weeks and 6 months. I've started to dance again. No aggressive movement though.

Aggressive or not, damn it feels so good to dance again.


I love this scene from the Ken Russel 1977 film "Valentino.":biggrin:


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