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The Dance and dancing thread
And this little ballerina is amazing for her age...

I haven't seen much of DWTS, but this is one that I was glad to have caught:

Here's a company that I was able to see a couple of years ago. They blew our minds at the time. This is something new.

Antipodas Virtuales, FRAG:

Nirvana by Chinese male dancers:

Sexy pole dance in Manon Lescaut?

Oh Willam talks so dirty... I think you'll enjoy the song if you go for the tacky.... haha.

princealbertofb Wrote:Oh Willam is talks so dirty... I think you'll enjoy the song if you go for the tacky.... haha.

I bet the BBC won't be showing that! :eek:
Been watching some of these videos the past couple of days and I must say they leave me quite envious.

I'm probably the only gay man on the planet who can't dance to save his life :biggrin: I can waltz and that's about the extent of my skills.
This could be in the disco thread... but I liked the choreography on this one... bouncy and fun.
thanks Madonna.


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