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The Dance and dancing thread


Layla El one of my inspirations of dancing

Firstly started off as a miami heat dancer

Then went into WWE and became a wreslter
More so disapointed that i don't see her dance as much these days but heres her dancing in WWE

She's amazing, and i wish i could move my body the way she does Smile

I love this performance. Confusedmile:

Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake

my favorite dancers are the BEAT FREAKS AND THEYRE ON ANOTHER LEVEL:biggrin:

This just makes me smile, I bet you can't listen without dancing to it :p

Salsa as it should be danced... sexy!

This zany choreography to Mozart is quite pleasant and funny to watch:

This week I was greatly into Ballroom and especially Latin so expect some nice dance routines....
Slavik and Anna are fine specimens for this cha cha (and I do love LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE)


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