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The Dance and dancing thread
Also owing to the fact that Roland Petit the great French choreographer died in Geneva yesterday, here is one of his famous ballets: LE JEUNE HOMME ET LA MORT


Here is Roland Petit with his wife Zizi Jeanmaire in a famous pas de deux from CARMEN


Whoever mentions Roland Petit can't help but also evoke the fabulous Zizi and this famous cabaret number: MON TRUC EN PLUMES (My Feathery Thingummy)

This 60s version is very good, but you'll find her doing it throughout her artist's life well into her eighties?
It's all clever lighting and a bit of stage magic

This one was on Pink TV and is probably from the 1970 Casino de Paris show

I think some of you might enjoy this modern version, note that Zizi was about 80 something then and the naked midriffs of her dancers are appealing


I like this picture of Zizi and Rudolf
[Image: zz_Zizi-Noureev-Jeune-Homme---.jpg]

Is the dancing thread the right place for VOGUE;.. do any of you remember that dance movement?


POREOTICS ftw!!! <333333333333

This is a dance off between guys with physical disabilities. These type of guys are the reason why I do not whine with my my injured leg. If they can do the 'impossible', I can do too.


South Korean boy bands. I love watching them dancing. Thanks to their 'clean' but 'intricate' dance choreography. I find their choreography to be inspiring.

Shinee - Replay

Super Junior - Bonamana

Super Junior - No Other

Super Junior M - Perfection

Super Junior M - Super Girl

TVXQ - Mirotic

Shinee - Hello


I just found this video for the first time ever!!! My aerobics teacher used to play the song for me everyday back in the 80s when it came out because I loved it but I never knew a video existed until last night when I was making a new workout tape... a lot of fun dancing in the video and I thought of this thread PA....


Let me introduce you guys to Kazaky, a gay Ukrainian boy band/dance group. They dance in high heels!

Kazaky - Love

Kazaky - In the Middle


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