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The WORST pickup line someone ever used on you?
... Just like the title says, what's the absolute WORST pickup line someone's used on you at the bar / club / wherever?

I was at the most well known gay club in Orlando, dancing and (of course) well beyond inebriated, and this guy comes up to me on the dance floor and says --

"What are you, 6', 6'1"? Is your member as long as your legs?"

Needless to say, that conversation started and ended in the same minute.

So what's your story?
Did your daddy use to be a drug dealer? Cuz u dope
Never had someone use a pick up line on me before, male or female. This topic makes me sad =/
Nice shoes, wanna fuck
Thibideau Wrote:Never had someone use a pick up line on me before, male or female. This topic makes me sad =/

Hey baby, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

You have just had someone use a pick-up line on you..... I hope it makes you feel better.
i don't know but if some one trys to use a picup line on me i just laugh and feel the fool
i have always accepted i am not handsom or in shape been fat all my life and i am hing like
the smallest mouse ever guess not much of a self imige but that dosent matter much as
to me it is the personality and honest that is more important and all this lip service that is done
beeteween people just makes me sick like love you to everyone and all that well i do ir some times to be polite if i go to the chat rooms(pickup places) but only mabt one out of 100 guys will staau ore than 2 min i try to get guys that understaand that i only wanto talk i change my nick to ja ba the hut so they will not try to pick me up gor sex i just wan to talk disscuss things exchange ideasi like sex but did that for years lived in a gay hotel tht was like a dry steam bath i even locked my door at night and found guys would brake in and i asked why this room an me and they would say because the door was locked so
they figured must be somethinggood in there and they would be denied at 13yo i would put my self in places i knew were norteris as gaay hang outs and were reported in the paper soo my mom and dad would warn me to nevergo there so that nighti would go theere and if it was a bar i would hang outside
and wait to get picked up but without lines just talk about fishing or something else and eventuly they would talk to me like an equal and ask if i wanted to go to bed then we would go it's all the pretence
it's not real and i beleve in real things .i can hardly handel panting and such moaning on the phone i do it occasionly but wheen i do its real to me becausse i go into my memory's and try to relive the feelings
to make me moan and have the feelings so itfeels real it may only last a moment at time then i have to get back into the moment till i help them to get off i don't like to jack off myself must rather be with some one else that i can belend with in part and with some more than others i know a bit off subject
buut i get thinking about something and it leads me into analizing whole subject and related things.
Lol, I'm a minority here, Nobody has used a pick up line on me...
Nobody's used a pick up line on me.

I've only jokingly used them on others
FeverentReverie Wrote:Lol, I'm a minority here, Nobody has used a pick up line on me...

Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.

Consider your self picked upon Wink
ZackT Wrote:Nobody's used a pick up line on me.

I've only jokingly used them on others

Hello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart.

And you too have officially been hit with a pick-up line. :biggrin:

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