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This causes homosexuality?
What's the craziest thing you've heard that people say "causes" homosexuality? I heard it was TV! XD
Gay is happiness
It originates from the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder.
That the incident broke them mentally.

It's still popular in social conservative circles because...people can be morons and still cling on to the idea homosexuality is a mental disorder even though it's not thought as such by any reputable psychological/psychiatry associations.
These people are in what is called denial.
Homosexuality was removed from the DSM decades ago.
These people like to think all psychological/psychiatry associations are either part of the liberal/gay agenda, or have all caved in to it's demands; to say these people are a little coo-coo is to put it nicely.
Bad day for me? Why yes.
Oh I've hear a few.

Playing with toys intended for the opposite gender (boys with baby dolls, girls with Tonka Trucks)
Being a fan of a gay celebrity - thus you're just emulating your idol.
Lack of a healthy relationship with one parent or the other.
Sexual Abuse (may be a shred of truth to that in some cases)
girls who get raped by men will become lesbians ~

or , lesbians who are raped by men will become straight ...
Blue Wrote:Sexual Abuse (may be a shred of truth to that in some cases)

only in some cases ~
i know that i'd be a lesbian if i hadn't had a sexually abusive childhood , but i also know that i was able to be more open about my sexuality because of that ~~
i don't know if that makes sense but ... i hope it does lolol
Being in a musical at the local art center!! That one's from my ex-wife!!
My dad told me that "I was being punished by God for deserting the church" and that's why I was now "cursed" with homosexuality.

I've heard others, such as "was I sexually abused as a child?" or "did I play with dolls as a child?" but the religious fanatic one is by far the strangest I have had leveled against me.
It's all societies stupid belief that it is choice,
The one i hear alot is if a guy pierces his right ear he's gay. just flat out gay. no remorse. "left is right, and right is wrong." Da hell is wrong with people? I SWEAR.

if your choose hot dogs over hamburgers your gay. Whereas I think hot dogs are disgusting btw lol.
[Image: sdfg_by_cocoaeyes-d6waj25.png]
That's hard. Demons? Some Christians believe that God and/or demonic possession makes you gay. I suppose if you accept the premise (and if you get enough to accept the premise that can't be objectively proven then it miraculously becomes "religion") then it makes sense. Since I don't accept the premise it's the dumbest thing I ever heard...especially as one group (who backed Perry and Bachmann for POTUS 2012, btw) believe homosexuality is caused by demons yet also believe gays should be put in camps (of course they use different words) and/or killed instead of exorcism...though I suppose I'd rather be executed than brainwashed into thinking I was straight and used to "prove the truth of Jesus Christ" anyway.

Oh, I know! According to Alex Jones the government (not sure if this is strictly the United States or One World Order) was fighting overpopulation and trying to make a more easily managed society (because gays are so spineless and easy to bully into submission) by secretly putting estrogen in our food so that men were turning gay and even ready to have babies! Of course this doesn't explain lesbians, nor why only a small percentage are affected and why there's a similar number of lesbians (after all, if estrogen makes you want men then wouldn't it decrease lesbians who are eating the same food?), why straight men seem more likely to have moobs than gay, and many others. But hey, so many people believe Alex Jones so where there's smoke there's fire.

Of course AJ also said that the same politicians that wrote up and signed the Defense of Marriage Act did whatever the gay community told them to anyway. Rolleyes

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