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Three things you did today
So, what are you guys up to? I mean, the specifics. (I thought it would be interesting to hear about more specific things you do when you go about your day). You can add more than three things if you like, but three should be a bare minimum. This is also an opportunity to talk about small stuff...

1. I got to take my neighbor's Doberman out for a walk at 5 in the morning.

2. I have this thing at my place right now, that belongs to a company where my Friend works, and the smell of it reminds me of Him. They have this very distinct smell at their workplace, for some reason, and I didn't realize how much I associated it with Him. I brought that thing home for now, to return it to his work next week. Every time I go by it I smell it, and it's Him all over it. I wasn't even aware they had that smell there, till now that that object is out of its natural habitat.

3. I just finished off everything in my fridge, which means I gotta go buy some groceries tomorrow.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
1. Woke up and then got my office/game room organized. Set up all my book shelves and unpacked my books.

2. Went to close up my bfs camp for the season and while traveling someone threw garbage out there window and it smashed the windshield of my brothers car. Sad

3. Went out to eat and then shop for a bit. Then headed home to rest. Now laying in bed getting ready to sleep.
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1. Made breakfast for my roommates, veggie omelets, home fries and orange-cranberry muffins. We're rarely all home at the same time, so it was fun.

2. Went to the gym and then ran errands - grocery store, pharmacy, Auto Zone, etc.

3. Watched football on TV with a couple friends.

Now, I'm headed in to take a nap because I pulled a 10pm - 10am shift tonight.
1. Drove a tractor pulling a huge wagon full of pumpkins along rows in a pumpkin field while people piled on more.

2. Fixed the regulator on an irrigation system.

3. Took a shit-ton of product photos.
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1. After giving dogs and cats their breakfast I Did the household, not much to say, except for the fact that I did all those while singing songs I put on youtube.

2. Gave our parrots clean water and food

3. Went to the movies, saw the movie 'Don't breath' nice movie, with a good ending.
1 . went to the gym - really enjoyed it
2 , my mastiff fell asleep on me - didn't want to wake him so caught up on the last season of Lie To Me box set ...but he's so heavy my legs went numb lol
3. re joined Xbox live = I backed out about six months ago - nice to chat to old gamer mates again Smile
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
1. Did my quantum physics homework (on angular momentum).

2. Did my information theory homework (on RSA encryption).

3. Practised coding (in Fortran).
1. I put together two pieces of ikea furniture and rearranged my apartment.
2. I cleaned my floors, dusted all the surfaces, did my laundry, organized my closet.
3. I finished some research and a lesson plan Id be working on.
1.Ate pork stew
2.Watched "the watchmen" on DVD
3.Ate cake

Sunday is rest day.
1) I vacuumed water from my shop when I got here flooded in the back..almost dry now!

2) Went to Lowes for Chalk Paint and Carpet Cleaner

3) Filled up my big water bottles and bought some kale and avocados and some coconut milk

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