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Transitional period of my life
At the moment I'm in a transitional period of my life, going from years of unemployment to being employed. I'm scared to hell something is going to go wrong before I can get my goals working. Im looking at getting some qualifications in admin or IT with the money I'm making on this new job I've got.

I just dont know I can cope with this transition is moving so fast I'm finding it hard to breath. I'm also dating with is adding to this feeling over things moving fast. I love the feeling of coming home tired from working but Im scared I'm tiring myself out to much to enjoy the money either.

Any ideas how to slow things down in my head? I dont want to burn out before I've started lol!!
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Change is scary. Your apprehension is totally understandable. Chances are your body will adapt to the new work load after a while, so you are not too tired at the end of the day.

I think you might want to tell yourself that things really are going okay. And schedule time for relaxation where you aren't just listening to the voices in your head.

Good luck and let us know how it's going!
Well, I went to from school stress to college stress to work stress withouth any interruptions and let me tell you....I wish I had some time off loooooool (shout out to Ian with that elongated lol)

I can get that feeling of just starting a few things and then you're on full speed on the road.

Stress is something that you will HAVE to get used to when in the work world. What you need is to come up with ways to handle and tackle that stress so it doesn't get to you.

The fast pace is something that will happen too. But again, you need your ways to handle it and tone it down.

What distracts you or relaxes you? For instance, when you get out of work, why don't you spend some time out winding down, taking in the air, instead of going straight home?

Stuff like that really. That is purely personal. What do you do that helps you decelerate? For me, it's as simple as laying in bed for a bit before doing other things, like my evening work outs or cooking.
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Write a list of all your actual problems. Then a seperate list of all your aspirations.

Also maybe try holding off on the dating til you're settled in at work. Not saying that you can't handle it but that's a lot to bite off at once.
Well [MENTION=18789]artyboy[/MENTION] you need to adapt first to your new life style, it's wrong if you expected to do it quickly because as you said you were un-employed a lot time.

Once you get adapted you can try to find things that you usually liked to do, so you won't lose or feeling like losing your whole life just because the work.

The sensation of not enjoying the money that you're earning is normal in just everybody LOL. the only people that doesn't have this sensations are the business man who haves a big enough business to pay people to manage it from them lol, so they can just sit, relax and drink mojitos on the Bahamas.
Well third week of work and its going quite well, making new work friends quite easily too, which is a nice change.
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A problem shared is a problem said you are dating, try talking.

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