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Very scared, I feel insecure a out my life
I'm so sorry to hear that you have been forced to come out and haven't been able to do so on your own terms.

On a positive note, it would seem that you have a father that loves you very much, he could have denied your sexuality, but he is dealing with it it. Your father will go through a process now where he will grieve, he may get angry, he may blame himself, but in the end he WILL accept the fact and he will continue to love and support you, so just let him have a little space and be open and honest with him when he comes to you and just reassure him that it isn't his fault, parents have a habit of blaming themselves.

Generally mothers take the news that their child is gay better than father, not a hard and fast rule, but more often then not, it works that way.

Time away will probably do you good.

I also offer you friendship if you need someone to chat with, and please if you are feeling down, feel free to contact me or anyone of the good people on GaySpeak that you would feel comfortable chatting with, I would like to think that the active group of people here in GaySpeak are family.

I wish you all the very best Geno *hugs*
There is something new, so I felt like sharing it. After I was at the police station, the officers insisted that one of my parents calls him, as they were afraid that I will run away. As I already told you, I talked with my dad. After that I went home, and he called me a few minutes later. My dad said that he couldn't contact the officer, so both of us went to the police station. The officer for some strange reason was waiting for us near the parking and walked us in. We went to the very same office where I was in the morning. The officer and my dad talked about what had happened. Than the officer asked me to leave the room and wait in the corridor. After a while they went out and the officer walked us out of the station. When my dad and I were in the car, I asked him about what they had talked about. There had been questions like "why did your son contact the police first?" "what do are youexpecting from the police?" "you know that nothing has happened, so we cannot do anything, don't you?" and "how did you take it when your son told you he is gay?" To which my father answered that he knows I am not gay, and that I am just confused. After he told me all this, I hummed and immediately changed the topic. My dad has already talked on the phone with my mum, so he told her everything that I had to tell her. The police promised to make a case and try to sue him for kids pornography, due to the porn clip. They will keep an eye on him, and will also force the phone carrier to change my number. Despite that everything seems to be going ok, I still feel a bit frightened. Hopefully soon I will be sleeping, eating and living normally.

I also wanted to thank all of you for the good advices and for the mental support.
Why oh why do some men get a kick out of scaring other people? My heart goes out to you, lets hope he's the sort of sick individual that only gets off scaring people. When my name was in the BT phone book some years ago I used to get loads and loads of obscene phone calls, and not forgetting the silent phone calls, the demented phone calls. Some people will always have fun at the expense at other people.
Hi guys. It's been around a month and a half since the case. And I felt like sharing with you that my life has gone back to normal. After the case I went for a few days to the countryside, which was had a very positive effect on me getting over what had happened. After that, school started and I got into shopping and going out with friends. So I kind of didn't have time to think about it so much. I must admit however that at first I was very paranoid about every person walking after me, or every slowly nearby passing car. Happily I got over it and I hardly ever think about it, and that's what brought me back to the site. However I have created some rules about my life after the "accident". First I am never ever going to a such site in my next few years. Secondly, I was able to learn who I can trust, and who I cannot. I also learned which were the people who were there for me, and which were those who tried to run away from me once I needed help. I felt like thanking Ryan, he really helped me and was always there for me, all of you guys who supported me and gave me advices, and I sort of thank my parents for not making a huge fuss out of it... So, thank you all!
Hi Geno I'm so glad everything has worked out well for you. And I hope any young person reading this thread will realise that the Internet is a wonderful place but there are people out there who are not what they say they are. Good Luck to you Geno for the future.
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Hey, Geno!
Thanks for the update. I'm so glad you are well and things turned out ok.
Honestly, it was a wakeup call for a lot of us. And, I think you writing about this is important especially for other teens.

I'm happy you are back! Confusedmile:
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geno Wrote:Two months ago I registered at a dating site and very soon one boy contacted me. We started to know each other over the Internet. He sent me tens of photos of him with girl clothes and without clothes. He wanted pictures of me, but then something turned up, after that I went to the seaside, then I had family problems, so I never saw him. It was a few days ago that I got new message from him. I decided that if he had sent me tens of photos, why shouldn't I sent him 2. He started saying how cute I was, how big my penis was, and he melted my heart. He asked me for my cell phone number, and stupidly enough I gave it to him. So now he knows my name, two of my emails, and my mobile number.

Last night my father and I, were watching a movie when my phone rung. It was a blocked number. I picked up the phone. It was a man in his 30's. After he said he was the man from the dating site, I realized that he was not the man he was saying he was. I said no, and hung up. He called me a few seconds later. He told me "unlike you, I am not a 10-year old boy, and I don't play kindergarten tricks." He said that he will trace me, I replied with a no. I found it difficult to talk or listen to the person. He eventually said that he will find me and than I will see. I hung up and turned my phone off. I told my father that I am ok, but I didn't tell him anything more. I watched the scary movie, but kept shivering. I told my dad that it was the movie that was scarring me.

I went to bed early but hardly slept. I couldn't tell my parents, because I will have to come out, and after that I am not even sure about it. In the morning I fell asleep. When I woke up, I talked briefly with Ryan. My father and sister were going out to the shops. My mum didn't know anything. So I told her I was going out to ride my bike. I went straight to the police station. I told the woman everything, I am sure they will do something, but not much.

Now I am very scared and everything frightens me. My parents will be at home the next two days due to a holiday, but I cannot calm down. I really need help,but there is no one who can help me... I wanted to ask those who understand it, can he really trace me and find me? What to do now? I am really scared and confused. Please help me

Sad You were so naïve! Can't blame you, but remember to be ALWAYS careful on the internet! It's often to meet someone in real life by coincidence without internet contact, because internet can hide the truth from people better, as you had to find out in the hard way.

Your father seems to care about you so much that he's rather willing to accept you as something that is against his values, than abandoning you. You mean that much to him that he puts your benefit before his. But seriously, do not see older dudes in your age. Always date someone your age, when one is as young as you are.

By the way, how are things going for you? :o
Geno, I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for you and thank you for the update. I'm glad the good people of GaySpeak have been able to help you and I hope you know that we are always here even if it just for a simple hello and quick chat.

Take care mate Wink
I know you dont want to hear this but if he has the expertease or the contacts yes he can or could trace you .but at least you did do the right thing by telling the police.
So that if he does trace you it is prob because he wants to have power over you for physical power over you and to get you into bed but if you think about it if he has coppies of the messages he would be in more trouble than you just by talking to you about sexual things in my country he could get like to years in jail just for talking to you and him lyeing about age and such shows he did it on purpose. It is supriseing easy for you to protect yourself if he is sexualy attracted to you he would at one point or other leave himself at risk for some type of physical attack against very sensative parts have you ever got cauht in your zipper or kicked or felt pressure on your own parts you know at that time you are kinds distractted and a kid could punch or somehow hit their balls in a car grab the car keys and run to the nearest adult and contact the cops if he tryes to contract you again i would explain to him that you would make sure that he got the short end of the stick and went to jail also you might tell parents you hd been sexualy harrest
on your phone and get their help to get the number changed for free
i am fairly sure the cops would be looking up to see if they can find him and of course you have no idea how he got your number in the first place but you dont like that preverted talk and need their help. basicly just just enjoy here it is only a simulation of life and training ground to learn scoil shills tough it all out if you are under 18 i am sure the law is on your side. so just chill and remember dont trust the voise or typer on the under end
use the internet for freinds (chatting type) but never give anyone any information i know typeing bad

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