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I don't know if it's ok to name this topic "Vietnamese...".
Although I'm Vietnamese, I also want to be friend with everyone here, from all over the world.

My world is small and complicated, but I believe that I can change my own life, begin from here...
Please give me some advices if you want to. My yahoo nickname is pinpontbs

Thank you for noticing me.
Best wishes for you.
hi,i'm vietnammese too Smile
Welcome to GS, everyone always chat in Chat room at 01:00PM ( 01:00AM your local time ), i guess.
Good luck and enjoy with nice guys in here.
if you ask questions you will get advice from many here who care enough to read them
you can also talk to others in the chat room if you like
Hi Aeon Smile welcome to GS

plenty of people to chat to here and get meeting, nice to see more people popping up!
So many Vietnamese on here. Welcome one and all Smile
Welcome Aeon.

You'll find that a small and complicated world gets easy and familiar here. Enjoy yourself.

i am vietboy boy
Lots of people from Vietnam on here Smile Welcome btw
Wow. Did i miss this thread? What was i doing two weeks ago......OH! THAT!

[SIZE=2]To who ever needs it in this thread.
Sorry its a little late.:redface:

Enjoy your stay guys.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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