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Wanna share your story of your first love?
Boredom is getting the best of me.. Hence I came up with this idea of wanting to hear from you about your first love. We all have gone through our first love.. what was it like? our first kiss... heart break... etc!
However I am going to start with my story for a change.

My first love wasn't the classic love story you hear everyday or watch in the tv... It's a little unusual.

I fell in love with a straight guy (Don't ask why) I was 17 then and I was immature and stupid. Even more stupid to think that it would have been possible for me to be with him or have something with him. He was my colleague at work. I liked everything about him... His smile, his eyes, the way he talks and acts.. Just everything! Emotions started evolving. First i admired him, then I liked him, then... Well I don't know if it was love but I never had feelings that strong for anyone like i did for him.
Anyways, I got attached to him... BAD! And I couldn't just quit on him that easy... Things kept evolving until they just started revolting and developing in a negative way. It got to the point where I just couldn't bare anymore, I had to take an action and do something about it... (No judging) I just went for it, faced him and told him about it all. He freaked out and warned to never contact him again... and I didn't! for months I just felt pain and there was this fire going inside of me that I just kept missing him a lot! A month, became two... two became four and so on life moved on and so did I... I thought i was never going to meet anyone like him or even better for that matter... yet I have met people who he cannot be compared to them!
Well my real first love is very recent, we met on a gay dating site then we dated. So fast we've become in a relationship yesterday, and now I can't stop loving him!! I also had my first kiss with him Liefde

All my other crushes on straight guys before are immature and worthless to count Wink
How do you know you are in love? doesn't seem like it has been much of a long time for you dating this guy
verysimple Wrote:How do you know you are in love? doesn't seem like it has been much of a long time for you dating this guy

Will: Sometimes you just know, and it doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks. I fell in love with Adam the night we met - it's been over 6 years now, and I still feel the same way...
well what do you know.. love at first sight does exist afterall
My first love experience was at my 17, too. And similarly i loved a straight guy. It`s in Senior high school. Honestly it was not loving at the first sight. I did not see anything charming about him at first. But after he became my deskmate, i felt something different about him. When he played basketball, when he was naked, when he taught me some knowledge, when he talked everything with me, I felt that he was the best guy in the world. We were close deskmates and we even chatted secretly at classes. We took care of each other. I always prepared some bottles of water under his desk so that he can drink immediately after basketball. And sometimes i bought dinner for him because he gave up dinner time for basketball[we did not have much free time at school.]. He was so smart. He was good at chemistry, math, physic, and i was good at english. We did many things together. Guess what, I could not even do my exercise without him besides me. When he was there, i felt so calm and good.
I told him that i liked him. But he was straight and he still is. He told me that he did not want me to be gay. Anyway he did not hate me for being gay.
After graduation we went to different colleges. And i hardly contacted him. I thought it`s better to let it go. Actually i really felt bad in the first year. I missed him so much that many times i wanted to call him but i could not. Now I can not even remember his face clearly. Time cures everything.
I'm a bit skeptical about all of this "love at first sight" cause I believe the actual term is infatuation or puppy love. Nevertheless,I suppose it is still love. And it could develop into real love. If we're going for that,I guess my first puppy love was to my female cousin (note that it is not considered incest in Islam for cousins as they can get married,though rarely happen in our culture). I and her brother are of the same age and my lil sister and her are of the same age. So we got along very well and had been each other play mates every time we visit our grandparents' house. Well,there was this one time where she visited and stayed over at my house. Later that evening,she asked my lil sis to ask me if I have any feelings for her (so she made the first move,lol),and then my lil sis asked,and of course I said yes,and that's how we knew of each others' feelings. But it was brief. Nothing much happened,except for some exchange of blush and shyness and awkward moments,haha. That happened when we were in elementary school. Recently she got married,and I couldn't describe how happy I was for her. It's like she's my second lil sister,and she did trust me enough to tell about the guy before they were even engaged,before her parents even knew about their relationship. But now that I know that I am gay,I'm glad nothing developed from our little puppy love episode. But it feels amazing caring about another person that much. Smile
“Speak a good word or (better) remain silent”

[Image: tumblr_mq5gdfGWzG1sqwk90o1_500.gif]
My first real love was a guy in the military. We kept it top secret. At first we were just studying partners but we got closer. On some nights we would sneak out the window and hangout on the ledge. It was always an awesome view because we lived on the third floor. We would just look at the deserted parking lot. There was always something so cool about that scene. How the lights were always a little dim. We went grocery shopping, shared lunch and dinner together. I didn't know anything was going on until he told me he loved me at 3 in morning all drunk. It all went down hill from there, on my part. One night while I was pretty drunk, he walked me to an isolated place on base. He held me and we started kissing. I remember I was crying a lot because I knew that this would be the last time, and I how much I would miss him. We went to two different duty stations. The last words I heard from him was "I love you". I was so heart sick for months. That was about 7 years ago but I still think of him from time to time.
what does lil sister mean?
Sigh... I was 16 and I met the kid on some other forum website. We basically hit it off right off the bat when we texted each other, and it was great when we met up for the first time, too. We were both a little reserved at first, it was our first real relationship. Looking back he wasn't the most attractive of guys... but he had a body type I like (hairy, a little extra weight which never bothered me). It was a puppy love at first sight thing.

And of course I trusted the guy for no reason. One of his friends messages me on the forum saying my boyfriend was jacking off with random guys on camera without telling me. Of course he denied it when I confronted him about it (and I, immature with the whole relationship thing, believed him).

He cracked in a couple days and told me. Of course I forgave him because yay puppy love (I'm throwing up a little). Honestly if he would have asked first I might have actually given him the okay... watching another guy masterbate on a cam is not anywhere near the bonding experience that being with an actual guy can be. Stupid me, still

He broke up with me 2 months in with the normal array of excuses (Let's focus on school!). I was so heartbroken and bitter. I think that was very important for me to go through, so I could learn about love and boys and trust. It really taught me so much.

He messages me a year and a half later telling me he really had no reason for breaking up with me. I didn't really CARE at that point. No hard feelings, I guess.

In the end, I don't regret it one bit. The emotional maturity I gained was priceless, and I got to loose my virginity to someone I at least loved. I had fun for a couple months and I learned something! yay

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