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What do gay men feel about straight female best friends
I am a middle aged straight woman, married, with lots of time on my hands. My husband runs his own business and works constantly. Hes often out of the country. I have three daughters who are rapidly becoming independent from me.
My female friends generally have busy family lives, combined with work or business, and young kids, so its very difficult to fix regular times to meet up, if at all.
I love fashion , interior design, animals, travelling and a wide range of music plus more.
I have a lot of disposable income to enjoy life, (including a home in Turkey) But want a best friend to share my time with whom my husband would not feel threatened by.
What I would like to know is would any gay man out there be interested in a gal like me to hook up with on a regular basis, enjoy life, and just have a hoot?

Ps. Im not bothered if financially we dont match up, I just want a cool genuine person who can invest some time.
I am good friends with a woman near your age - she started off as a colleague but we get on really well and we go for drinks and I listen to her problems and we have a laugh. She has two children nearer my age but I spend time with her lol.

So yes I am sure there will be gay men who would be happy to spend that time with you - it is just a matter of meeting them
I'm bi but I have TONS of females. I don't know what it is, I just get on with them better. So i'm sure you will find a gay friend

Gay men are girl's best friend. I always want to have a female best friend who I can share my gay stuff with comfortably.
If it wasn't for female friends, I would of never came out.
Plenty of gay men want female friends lol I want another one XD
I only have one female friend who loves to hear about my "gay" stories, she's a lot of fun, I love her! I feel really comfortable with her and unlike a straight guy friend I don't have to worry about making her feel uncomfortable.

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