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What's the meaning of your username?
one of my favorite sayings from back home. try wait fas kine!
I came up with it when I lived with my parents.

My computer, CDs, DVDs, TV, phone, and everything that connected me to everyone was in the basement/cellar.

So it was either Basement Boy or CellarDweller. I liked the sound of "Cellar Dweller" better.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
My name comes from my favourite anime show called Fairy Tail . Also my gaming name Smile
JackBoneTX Wrote:Oh, you thought it was a J/O reference??


Killjoy! NOW I've got that image stuck in my head. TEASE! Wink
I am wayward because no one can tell me who to be.
a Virge is a "thick skulled goofy tall guy who sticks things in all the holes in his body" in local slang.
It's a variation of a name I use elsewhere, and that's based on characters in my fiction, Eliot, Jamie, and Michael. A friend who passed away recently added the "Joan" part for the "J" initial.
Lexington was the youngest member of the Wyvern clan from the cartoon Gargoyles. The writers decided early on that Lex was gay, although they never referred to it except in the most roundabout of ways.

[Image: disney-gargoyles.jpg]

Mount Logan = Summit of Canada (Mount St-Elias, Yukon, near Alaska border.

I loves the mountains and enjoy hiking and scrambling so much
Also I love my country with all my heart.

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