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What turns you off the quickest?
EternalYouAndI Wrote:Confidence is one thing. But someone telling me they are sexy is not going to convince me Smile

that makes sense ~

i think if someone really is sexy and they're confident about it then it does make them more attractive though ~
Roxy Wrote:- little to no compassion for other life forms.
- no imagination or creativity.
- Someone who is offended very very easily. (For their sake. I have a sarky sense of humour.)

Oh, I'm quite the opposite. I love the badboy, hot-temper, reckless type. The cold and calculating beauty type. A little abuse is good for my soul XD

What turn me off though hairy body/face. Unless you're a werewolf or a dog, fluffing your chest hair in front of me probably won't result in a happy ending Wink
smell of cigarettes and beer. I can't stand either of them.
Anyone who is too self centered turns me off. If the world has to revolve around them I resolve to leave.
Agreed.. I like humbleness. You dont need to say you're hot and sexy if you really are.. Confidence is good but boastfulness and overconfidence is another one..
saying that he has to go home to take care of his Mom...
oh wait a minute... I don't love my mom...
has anyone checked on mom?
Mom!?! welcome to Hell.

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