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What turns you off the quickest?
not into air heads
Quite a few things really (I can be somewhat picky)

Not having a sense of humor
Being a pretentious jackass, pseudo-intellectual, elitist ect...
Not being able to keep a conversation flowing
Possessing a low intellect (as contradictory of me that may seem)
Closet Cases
Republican and conservative gays....just weirds me out
Unwilling to try new things and expand their horizons
Guys who obsess over the physical self while neglecting the mental and spiritual
Muscle Queens
Drama Queens

...that's about it I should think lol
I think everyone here agrees with the rude/arrogance thing. Pretty much a non-starter for everyone, gay or straight.

For me personally? I'm probably too picky about a lot of things, but I am very turned off by guys who feel they have the right to be touchy-touchy or sexually aggressive right off the bat. Not cool, and shows lack of respect for personal boundaries. Playful touching or groping is okay after the relationship has been established, not 5 seconds after introductions.

And I'm not into effeminate men. I mean, it's cool if that is how someone is tuned in with the world around them and it's an authentic representation of themselves, but it does not mesh well with me. I like my men masculine and down to earth; that's my vibe and energy.
> When someone downgrades someone else, when they themselves can do no better.
> Cocky attitudes[it's okay in small doses, but otherwise - Turn allllll the way off- ]
> Super huge egos [I tend to squash them if they're displayed towards me... call me a ballbuster, but I don't like guys who try to make themselves more than what they are]
> Disrespecting an Animal, because they feel superior to it. Super huge turn off and would guarantee immediate cut-ties.
> Violence. I don't like it, and would only ever defend myself or a loved one. Anything else is just not worth it.

and that's about it. As long as their personality is good and they can love me and I love them, then that's all I can ask for really, because we only live once, and all that superficial crap won't matter when you're sitting at home all alone, on your deathbed, with no one to share your life with and remember good times and bad times with and to ultimately be happy with.

Beauty will fade, money will come and go, friendships may crash and burn, but as long as you have the one you love and they love you in return equally, then that's all we can hope for as humans.

Superficiality is an illusion.

As the saying goes;

"Though you look, you do not see. For you can only see, if you do not look".

Or something like that... it's been awhile. Confusedmile:
VagabondKitten Wrote:I have a few, besides the obvious personality problems that people have already stated (arrogant, rude, selfish, etc.)

One is that I HATE when you are spending one on one time with someone and they are constantly on their phone. It's one thing if it's every once in a great while, or of you are expecting a very important text or something, but it is just so rude to spend half your time glued to conversations with other people. It really makes you feel like they don't really value or enjoy their time with you.

My other big one is people who won't try new things (such as food or activities). I'm not saying they even have to enjoy it, just that they give it an earnest try. And if it ends up being something they hate, I definitely won't pressure them to keep doing it, but seriously, some people need to broaden horizons more and keep an open mind.

Lastly I'm really not into people who need alcohol or other drugs to have a good time. It's something I like on occasion, but in excess it can really screw up your life.

Noone acsually forces you to stay there Wink
Personaly when someone does that to me i just get my headphones on and just go somewhere else ... It's not a real problem
For me chatting with random guys on a bar , and after you say you are gay they run cause they think you are trying to hook up with them. Really pathetic
BigCub Wrote:Aside from appearance, what is the one thing that a guy can do, say, or behave that will turn you off to him the fastest?

There is more than one thing that can equally do it:

being a jerk; thinking less of a person because of ugliness, acting like everybody owes him something, ignoring, anger
saying there isn't a problem in the world
tolerating the intolerant
I will have to say Rudeness or any one who picks on other people.
Incredibly materialistic people, I couldn't be with someone who places much emphasis on what kind of car/clothes they have or how much they have in the bank for example.
Smoking is a complete Turn off for me. YUK !

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