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What turns you off the quickest?
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Bitchiness turns me off the quickest. I don't understand why people do it, I never ever get involved in bitching about people because I find it really immature.

Rude manners and bad hygiene also turns me off!

monk Wrote:How about LIARS, Puck? :mad:

Nah, everybody lies. Those who claim not to are liars themselves.

I still think I'm going to go with dullards as my main turn-off. Its the prevailing trait in my ex that caused me to snap and turn into the looney men we are today :biggrin:


Someone who is mean with their money...........

1 - Cocky people
2 - Smokers
3 - People lacking common sense
4 - People who care about celebrity gossip


I don't like arrogant people and people who like to brag about themselves. It is good to be proud and to have pride on yourself as it helps to build self-confidence. But there should be a limit. Modesty is King.

I don't like people who treat other people based upon their financial background and social stratification.

You don't have the right to disrespect or raise your voice to someone who works as a janitor, a security guard, trash picker etc. They are people. Show compassion. Life can turn upside down easily. One day you are up and tomorrow you can crumble down.

I also don't like how people like to scold at a salesperson or a waiter. It annoys me.

Pressure. Nothing turns me off faster than being pressured. It is a turn-ON to allow me freedom, but I hate when someone thinks they've "convinced" me.

Use of any drugs, smoking, sexually aggressive (whorish), too feminine, bad hygiene, and no sense of humour.

For me anyways. I'm kind of a "prude" when it comes to drugs. I've never smoked or have done any drugs and never will. I kind of would like a guy who is also not interested in those things.

I don't look down on people who do it, I just have family experiences that weren't so pleasant.

people who lie and deceive you. those are the worst.

1. Being my ex/acting like him.. i.e. Being a selfish prick who puts others down and is only a 6 on a good day but thinks hes a perfect 10

2. Smokers

3. no sense of humor

and 4. stupidity

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