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Where did the women go?
I have spend some time looking around on the forums, and I noticed how few women there are here. Why is that? Because there is gay in the name? I'm just curious. Smile
I'm not sure, we used to have female posters here, I'd like to see them return!
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Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Yeah, I remember noticing a pretty dramatic lack of women the first time I joined the forum, and again when I came back. I think maybe they get intimidated by the fact that the forum's populated mostly by males?
Maybe you should invite your gay female friends to join here or at least ask them why they don't post here?
Well, I'm not gonna leave because the forums lack women. But quit sad there aren't many.
I could probably make some of my friends come in here too, but I'm not sure why I would do that, I write with them already, so it won't benefit me, and even if they joined, I don't think there would come much activity from them.
From what I can tell this site has always been landslide male majority. Unfortunately there's a few folks who don't like the company of women, but that's their choice.

It is both a good and bad thing and is something that does make this site more unique because of that, many sites are 50/50 or female majority and that's ok, I think every forum has a different feel to it. Like everything else has its ups and a downs with the times.
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IDK why we're mostly guys here, but please don't let it discourage you from posting here and joining the discussions. From what I've seen of your other posts, your viewpoint is welcome.
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Gay woman checking in Smile

I had the same question when I joined. Good site anyway, with or without women posting, but would be nice to have more of us.
baristajedi Wrote:Gay woman checking in Smile

I had the same question when I joined. Good site anyway, with or without women posting, but would be nice to have more of us.

Hooray for BaristaJedi!

I think it's a shame more women don't use the site, but this could change in the future! :-)
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By the way I'm also on another forum with a more even mix... not sure I can mention the name.... but st least there is one that exists Smile

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