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Where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
OrphanPip Wrote:In a hotel room, yes I am that boring lol.

That doesn't even count as weird, Pip...:tongue:
In the boy's bathroom in middle school.
In my grandmother's bathroom. (I was 13 and perpetually hard ._.)
In the back of my history class in 8th grade. (Through my shorts.)
In my family's pool.
In the bathroom stall at several public pools.
In a public pool shower. (Meant to be for showering the chlorine out of your hair after you swim.)
In a park bathroom.
In a friend's livingroom while he and another guy watched.
In my sister's livingroom while she was in the shower. (She had free adult PPV because she stole satellite service.)
In my mom's bf's bedroom. (looking at porn on his computer.)
On a bed I shared with my older brother.
Under the bleachers (seats for watching people on a sports field) at a park. Though I didn't cum that time.
In bed with my brother watching me.

I'm fairly certain there are others but I can't remember them all right now...
Wieredest place ive masturbated.....

Driving down the M1 at 1am back to brighton from leicester reached a black spot of no street lights for ten miles so i had a wank whilst passing traffic good thing i can get to the outside lane and lorries are stuck on inside lanes lol
Let's see...

In the back of a friends truck during a fireworks show on the 4th of July...nobody saw me hahaha

During English class in junior year...just by bouncing a leg...I didn't blow a wad though

In my friends bathroom while he was at the computer...doing the same thing probably.

On a bike...(think about that one for a second)

In the dorm communal shower late at night...

Under the covers at night whilst my roommate was sleeping six feet away...

During a sleepover on my friends floor while watching a movie...(if I remember correctly, he was watching me from the top bunk of the bed that was in the room, but inconspicuously - ever get that feeling you're being watched?)

In an arroyo (drainage channel - though it wasn't was a dirt canyon LOL) by my house while walking home after school...
The list is endless, but I do have limits lol!!
uh... right beside the pool at night time Tongue Almost got caught actually.. a lifeguard walked towards me and asked what i was doing. Luckily, i spotted him from a far so i pretended i was fixing something instead of wanking haha
School bathroom, i really fantasied about my teacher and he gave me a odd look when he walked into the bathroom.. So i went into the stalls and masturbated to some porn on my itouch and he moaned while he took a shit, sneaked a peak at his ass.
In the back seat of a bus
In a bunk bed during church camp. There were like 10 bunk beds in one big room.
In my junior high gym supply storage room. I got caught.
the laundry room of my uni dorm. love the smell down there.
and the usual places mentioned above.
Not to long ago I was doing some work at the house of the president and owner of the company I work for. He left me alone to do the work he wanted done while he was at the office. I feel like I am under paid and under appreciated so I masturbated in his bathroom. It was not the first time I have stroked one out on the clock.

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