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Whn An LGBT Commits Suicide
Interview I conducted today in regards to Colorado suicide that missed national headlines. Didn't get picked up in the news at all! Can't add link but Google Good as Gay and click! It is the latest blog! Please check it out. I can't link because I don't have more than 50 posts!

Looks interesting. Thanks for flagging it up. I thought his Tweets to Michelle Bachman brave. If by some abuse of democracy she ends up your next president, he can count on being on some secret service hit list.

Quote:"@MicheleBachmann You have devised political ways to make people want to kill themselves.… It's that simple. #LGBT"
I'm going to have to wait and read this after work but it is interesting ... technically suicides aren't supposed to make the news in the U.S., I think it's a just a tradition out of respect for families due to the stigma, but obviously there end up being exceptions like if a famous person commits it or as we saw with the wave of gay suicides this last year, where it was tied to a larger story (bullying/prejudice).
Thanks for doing that interview. As someone who had frequent suicidal thoughts in high school, the thing that always stopped me from going through with it was knowing how it would affect the people around me. My parents and sister are all good people, my friends were always supportive and inclusive of me even though I had the social skills of a potato, and I always felt like even if I hated myself, and even if my paranoid ideas were true and everybody secretly hated me as well, I knew that I was close enough with these people that my suicide would severely disrupt their lives for a while, and they didn't deserve that. I managed to outgrow who I was in high school enough to know that however tough the times get, I'm not going to kill myself, partly because I'm learning to love and accept myself, but mostly because suicide seems like the most selfish, callous thing someone can do to ease the pain. When I started thinking of suicide like this, suddenly it seemed like less of a valid option.

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