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Who's your perfect guy?
This should be fun, after alot of good advice from many of you here. Ive been trying to imagine my perfect guy somebody that I could see myself having something more than just a sexual relationship with. Here is what Ive come up with so far.

Short dark brown hair cut into a low fade like mine
Average body type, short 5,0" to 5,6"
Big brown eyes
Thick eye lashes and eye liner
Earrings but nothing too large or tacky expect maybe around the holidays like Christmas or Halloween earrings.
Masculine but slim fitting clothing
Clean shaven
Loves to snuggle

Funny, feisty, and smart much smarter than me. I'd like him to be quirky too, like maybe he's a nail biter or something cute like that. I'd want him to be a real pistol too and he would be very fresh with me. I like a guy that's not afraid to give me a little pinch or smack on the bottom when I walk by. I'd want him to power bottom always in control in the bedroom. He would be feminine and I would be masculine, he'd let me kill spiders for him and lift heavy stuff, so I still feel like the big tough man. I'd want him to give me a hard time about little stuff I love little bickering back and forth. Finally I'd want him to be very much the snugglebug that pouts when he doesn't get his way.

I dont think I left anything out. What do you guys like? Lets here it, this should be interesting to hear different ideas of what perfect means.
You know, it's funny. Before I met [MENTION=20938]Gideon[/MENTION], my answer would have been completely different. I wasn't interested in relationships, and my desire was for someone good at fucking that easily let go. (Physical characteristics weren't of much importance to me for the most part, as long as the guy was clean, smelled good, there was a hint of chemistry, and I found him either aesthetically or auditorily pleasing in some way.)

And then I met Gid, who was everything I -wasn't- looking for... and, as it turns out, exactly what I needed.

He's obsessive. Invasive. Pushy. Dominant. He's needy. Hungry. ALWAYS invested far beyond what I perceive him to be when it comes to anything pertaining to me. Perceptive. Protective. Loving. Romantic. Expressive. (and yes, he's also SPECTACULAR in bed)

Other than the bed part, these are all things I had no interest in having (and avoided like the plague)... yet, they turned out to be things I don't just make up huge parts of who Gideon is, but I've discovered I don't just enjoy but have come to NEED in one way or another within our relationship.

He's ruined me, yeah? He's ruined me for any other man. Because there's no one like him, and only he will do. Just as he is... all as he is.
[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
See thats interesting, you seem hopelessly in love.
*Grins* All mine, man

I'm pretty sure I've answered this before, and we won't get into my list of things make him so beautiful, so we'll just leave it at...Twist. He's my ideal partner. Everything I want and all that I need.

Has been since the first time I saw him.
[Image: gid02a.jpg][Image: gid02b.jpg]
The one I let slip away.

Pure tragedy.
Lesson number one:

[Image: fist.jpg]
Lessen number two:

[Image: clenched-fist-11351913.jpg]
I developed an insane crush on David Bowie when I was 11-12 years old and watching the video to Fashion, but when he came out with his blonde locks in Let's Dance/Serious Moonlight era in the early 80's I nearly lost my mind...I was 14 by then, so....yeah....If there is another Bowie, he will be mine Smile
[Image: screen-shot-2016-01-11-at-7-13-22-am.jpg...=all&w=780]
[MENTION=22821]NativeSon[/MENTION] you're outrageous, what are you the forum clown Smile
[MENTION=24118]deephiance[/MENTION] David Bowie was a good looking man but, I always thought he was so intimidating. He seemed confident and in control, I think it'd be exhausting just trying to keep pace.
My requirements: Has a pulse. That is all.
lol No, really, I like older men with dimples and I love very deep voices. I love men with accents. I like men who are the strong silent type and he must have body hair. He is funny, smart and not full of himself, not afraid to embrace his feminine side and likes to kick back. He has to like videogames too.

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