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i met a straight Welsh / British guy a while back, thought the accent quite pleasant, in addition to the blond hair. We were inseparable for a couple of years. I so missed him, at the time, when he left. He comes by new every few years to say hi. I told him i was gay last time, he got to meet my partner, i re-decorated the house since his last visit. He hasnt visited recently. He gained a lot of weight since then.

Recently i watched a BBC TV mini-series "Line of Beauty" 2006. The main character Nick had exact accent and facial body expressions.
I have a southern UK accent... Loads of people think im a londoner when actually im not... Sussex used to have its own accent however its not faded out/non existant im just pure common as common can be really... I find the accent changes about 140 miles north of me...
Well I have a KIWI accent I speek like a flightless bird. Jokes.

I love germans! When germans can speak english I just don't want them to stop speeking <3
Lol...Half of the Gold Coast have Kiwi exents, it work we git luts of kuwis, they luve pimp sex. (I work in a petrol/gas station for those no aussies and kiwis) Smile
Well obviously I have a Canadian accent, but unless you're listening closely that sounds pretty much the same as an American from New England. Combined with nasal gay voice.
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- Virginia Woolf
I'm accentless really.
I'm also a sucker for most accents...or even just sexy voices in general!:redface:
My dad's got some cockney in him, my mum has a voice similar to mine, she's even been asked where she's from a couple of times because of her lack of accent.

I'm glad i don't have the new London accent, like some of the other people in my generation.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I love some of the Latino accents : ) I knew a guy from Puerto Rico and his accent could make you melt. I've always had this thing for Antonio Banderas too. Wink
dfiant Wrote:I got a thing for the pommy accents.

That is until you hear the Black Country accent it's one of the oldest accents in England and it's rather hard to understand for many people.. It's called the Yam Yam accent...!!!!
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Almac Wrote:That is until you hear the Black Country accent it's one of the oldest accents in England and it's rather hard to understand for many people.. It's called the Yam Yam accent...!!!!

Oh! like yam yam to me Smile
Some accents are sexy, some aren't. Black country definitely isn't.

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