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cousin brother...
could be a controversial topic for discussion. Would be interesting to see what the community thinks of men dating their cousin, brother?

Where its almost a necessity to experience dating and love out side the family what happens if it just happens within. A CONSENTING LOVING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO MEN OF LEGAL AGE.

There is no logical reason to scorn such relationship, no danger of pregnancy. What do you think...

again the relationship must be:
a loving relationship
legal age.
I'm not that bothered.
Though it does seem it little...icky to me.
We had this topic a year or longer ago ( I´m to lazy to search the Fred )... and my opinion was... and still is: I don´t care as long conserting and legal age are given but I was alone with my thoughts. Between Brother and Sister I had the problem with the Genes.... but between brothers OR sisters... I can´t see a problem. Ok .. I would and could never love my brother.. because he is a axxhole...
I think as long there can not happen a gene-problem in the inheritance... it´s not my thing to judge.
Years ago I knew a cousin-gay-couple... and honestly I had never a thought that it could be wrong.... they knew each other from Kindergarten and cared for another really good .... so ..why not ... it does not hurt anyone
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My knee-jerk reaction is ::ew-gag::, but then again, I can't think of a logic reason against it... Not sure my strained brain is ready for a new thought like this. It took a long while to get where it is. And now it feels hypocritical...

I guess you love who you love, right?

And with the hetero family question... where would people stand if a brother and sister got married and chose adoption?
Pellaz, is there a reason you're asking?
I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I shunned that kind of love when I'm fighting for equal rights...

I have been raised by modern society to shun things like that and I'd be lying if I said that not a single fraction of me finds it disturbing, but while I find it relatively uncomfortable for cousins to date each other, my mind really doesn't care that much as long as it doesn't have a negative outcome.

The biggest issue when it comes to this is after all the biological errors that occur during pregnancies within the same bloodline and that problem is erased if there are two people of the same gender in the picture.

Bottom line, I find it slightly uncomfortable because I have been taught that for about 20 years, but I'm broadminded enough not to see things in black and white.
I kinda agree with Daniel on that. The only problem I can see with it, since then "gene" factor is eliminated due to same gender, is the way "society" would view it. As homosexuals, we are already seen in a "bad light" according to "the norm" (yeah I know I'm using quotes a lot :0P ). Then to add brother/brother, sister/sister, or cousin/cousin to the mix would give "them" something else to throw at the LGBT community. But that's just my opinion. Other than that, who am I to judge? Smile
Personally I don't see a problem with close relatives in a same sex relationship, opposite genders yes, that is a problem for me.

Socially, it could present a lot more problems, depending on how accepted such things are in your area. Here it's on'y unacceptable through first cousins, even in opposite gender marriages, second cousins and beyond are fine and ex in laws is the norm around here. Three families here that I consider friends are ex in laws that got married, and one is third cousins that got married.

I wouldn't date or marry a relative but, I have no problem if you want to do that.
I'm like you Blue. I wouldn't date any of my relatives, even if I was straight! But my mom and dad are 3rd cousins! Hey!! Maybe that's why I'm gay! :biggrin:
Well, depending on which El Dorado, and how far that is form your parents, they might be some of my friends - there is an El Dorado not too far from me. So if you are in that El Dorado and, your folks are 80 to 90 miles away in the same state, then yeah, might be them LOL.

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