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do not know how to react to gay best friend
My gay best friend ( i am a straight woman) told me he had told his sister that if he were not gay he would marry me - i responded with "that is sweet of you" and thought the subject was over, but now, a day or so later he is acting strange towards me - somewhat withdrawn. We see each other almost every day so i know his moods. Did I respond wrongly - how else was i supposed to respond - I really am out of my depth here and really do not want to jeopadise our wondeful friendship
What else could you have said? There could be any number of things going on in his life. Give him time to sort himself out and, if you can, just carry on as normal.

Good luck.
well you might have made a joke of it like "you are gay and i am a woman ok but only if i can be on top"or
perhaps he was trying to tell you something. you might ask him

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