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finally found one
Since i moved here i started dating a guy and we were getting along perfectly... then he says "you are way to open to everything, i am not used to someone like you" then leaves ... WTF? Disoriented . I am kinda way to open minded , is that a really bad thing?
Starting to think i am crazy :\
No good sir, that's a good thing!
Maybe he just likes close minded people he can control?
Sorry if it sounds like I am hating on someone you like :O
Not trying to.
Think he just needed someone to argue with , i don;t argue ... Damn conservative minds >.<
painful but did your a fav
What you describe could mean many different things so I'm not sure how to reply. If by "too open" he means he does not like you wanting to have a wild or promiscuous lifestyle, that's one thing. If he's intimidated by your intellectual openness then maybe he just has cognitive limitations he'd rather hide. Same thing for emotional baggage and insecurities.

Stay as true and aware of YOU as you can and your openness might lead to the perfect mate! Xyxthumbs
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Seems it doesn't ... So nvm >.<" it's just annoying.
You know in my oppinion i live a normal life, but i don;t , but for me it;s normal.
What he is supposed to hide if i don't find anything wierd or uncommon?
just end topic pls :|
You are not crazy , he is just very scared.
Probably you're right i would be scared if i would have met a dud like me
Mihai, it could just be that cultural differences are at play here. You are open, and open minded, and maybe a little wilder than you would be if you were in your own country... The other person is still living, I suppose, by the standards of his country? But then you didn't say if this guy was a different nationality to yours.

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