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so ive recently came out to my two best friends and when i told them they acted all nonchalant about it but now they rarely if ever talk to me and we never go out anymore. every weekend for the past 1.5 years weve gone out and shopped or just went looking at stuff they arent inviting me anymore yet they are still going as a pair. should i dump them as friends and get with some new faces or should i stick it out and wait??? please help i have no idea what to do
I would move on and let it go. The world is so full of people and you can make some great new friends who WILL keep inviting you along and appreciate who you are.

Just as we can injure our bodies we can also injure our psyches by letting people like that have any kind of power over us...better to let them go and take care of yourself.

JMO of courseConfusedmile:
Have you brought it up to them? If not I would try that and if it goes poorly or still continues then I would just move on. This life goes by too fast to waste any time on things such as this when others are willing to appreciate your unique sensibilities.
That's very unfortunate to hear... My best friend who is a childhood friend of mine and the first person I came out to took it very well, he was very supportive and I am lucky to have him. He made my next coming out easy because I know any of my other friends are replaceable, and he wasn't. I been bless with a bunch of great friends who were all supportive.

That being said, we all know that not everyone in our lives will take accept it as quick if not at all as we expected. Talk to them about the issue, if they have a problem with who you are then just move on. Like the above posters, it's really not that hard to find a group of people who will love and accept you for who you are.

Like Dr. Suess says: It is better to be hated for who I am than to be loved for whom I am not.

If anything they're missing out on a great friend. :-)

Good day, peace and love.
Have a talk to them, It might be a big misunderstanding (:

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