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hello ;D
why because you consuming thems. naughty.
RolleyesTeeHee I can't get enough of them-soon i will have eaten every SexBerry there is! And THEN i'll turn into the biggest one of all!Biggrina
then I can eat you.
=0 Well i wouldn't blame you! I would be damn tasty!
Wow.. I'm so lost as to where this convo is going.
HAR HAR UDABAR!!! woo dat whymes
HA oh so witty!
I can't see that this might be a slightly confuddling convo if you told use our special code =D
in fact no i CAN see how! =P
Yeah, I was so trying to follow the convo but Blaze lost me after he said something about sex with his mother.
ummm ok then! YIKES!

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