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hey folks
Hi and welcome to GS.
Sil Wrote:Hey Miles tails prowler extraordinnaire... welcome to the forums

I'm expecting Cutieboy to jump for joy and leap all over you, maybe Genersis too Smile sonic fans are growing


Oh and today is Tails' birthday. Cool
Hello. Welcome Smile
A Sonic fan?

Thanks for the welcomes, everybody. As for Sonic etc., not to disappoint but I haven't been much of a fan for a while. Of course I'll still bust out the classic 2D games from time to time. But really, the Tails thing is just something I've used a lot on the internet and I've just sort of stuck with it. As for the avatar, I'd like to link to the source but I don't have enough posts; but you can find it by searching for the artist mimsyblu on deviantart. Credit where credit is due, right?

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