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just venting
so i sent a "sup" email to someone.

their response:
'Dude...everyone knows that when someone messages you "sup" it's not taken as a welcomed greeting. And I know you know this too so why did you go ahead and message me with that ignorant message? you couldn't possibly thought I'd respond positively. So do yourself a favor and get a clue from this and maybe just maybe you'll get lucky enough to have someone desperate enough to give you a positive response. '

perhpas their response was rather harse. a simple "no, thank you" would have sufficed.

then again, it must have taken thought and time to respond that way.

personally, it's not in me to be "mean" right out the bat.
What is sup? Never heard of that before?
Maybe that person was annoyed by something else and you were his first victim to throw it on.

If I were him and I wasn't interested I'd simply say : The high sky and I advice you to flap your wings and look for other fish in the sea from above, because this fish is reserved Big Grin

Everyone has their own way Smile Just ignore bad attitudes >>
condensed version of "what's up?"
That's what I thought.
Where did u send this from? Was it a personal email sent to someone u know or just a random person? Or was it through a chatting site like Grinder?
If you want a polite response from someone its always best to try to be polite to them in the first place. I don't regard 'sup as polite. Obvioulsly at least one person agrees with me.
I've never thought sup was offensive, just kind of a silly slang thing to do when being goofy with friends. Maybe he thought you were being too familiar too fast.

[Image: sup.gif]
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Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ~ Jonas Salk

You don't shine by putting out someone else's light.
If you are talking of sending a message to someone you don't know, but found on a dating site or something, I would have simply ignored the 'sup'.

If you are trying to attract someones attention, be a bit more imaginative and make a comment or an introduction.

I wouldn't say 'Sup' is rude, but if in the context of an introduction, it isn't polite either.
that's true. it was meant to be an impromptu hello; instead, i guess it was misconstrued as an inappropriate approach. oh well, needless to say, i wont be emailing that person again.
They appear a tad sensitive. Like you said, a "no, thank you" could had well sufficed enough.

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