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just venting
somebody sends me a 'sup?' -i send back a 'nada'. it's certainly not a big deal.
definitely doesn't warrant the chip-on-the-shoulder tirade that the guy mailed back at you.
just chalk it up to having rooted out a waste-of-time interaction.
you managed it with only three letters! very efficient! Biggrina
Hmmm...I have no idea why sup is insulting or ignorant but then again I don't really think that it is either one of those things....

....I think it is the opinion of the person who wrote you and opinions are like assholes...everyone has one.
Trywait, while I don't see much wrong with the sup message, except that maybe it's a little too familiar and may show some laziness in thought (I don't know how it can be construed by different people) but the best thing you could do is to own up to the 'mistake' and take stock from it. I'd message that person back and just say I was sorry that they didn't understand it as it was meant. Maybe you could expand a bit on why you sent it, and how you considered they were on your mind at the time. If you bothered to write to them at all, it's probably because you were trying to make a connection or reconnection and they didn't see it as it was meant. Just say sorry, which is polite and explain why you sent the message. Just maybe agree that the message was too trite or badly worded, but that the concern you were showing was genuine.
It doesn't hurt to be considerate.
That's my two cents. Again, you can maybe just choose to ignore this person in the future.
Maybe, you could also tell him a word of your own mind about the rather rude words he's used to respond to you. "ignorant", "desperate" are both harsh words to use.... He's turned what was meant as an innocent message into something that was deliberately hurtful. His loss.
Cheer up.
thx prince. maybe, like what sacredcake said: they were having a bad day. i jus ended up on the wrong end. oh well, i was jus perturbed by response;

ps. thanks to yetanother: my "sup" was efficient in three letters...

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