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my boyfriends female bestie is in love with him!
Any suggestions on how to address this issue? We've been dating 5 months now and she's ALWAYS around. She leaves presents for him with love notes, buys him flowers, dictates everything we do, takes pics of him sleeping, posts weird shit online like "date night" and uses hashtags like "soylnates, cute boys, oyr love rubs deep" kisses him on the lips in public if we buy her a drink or something. I've made comments before but they typically go unacknowledged. I can't tell if he's well aware that her behavior is inappropriate or if he's totally blind to it. it was semi-bearable when they had separate apartments but they just got a place together so I'm getting ZERO alone time. They've both lost good friends when they complained about how much time they spend together so I'm afraid of making it an issue. I don't want to be that boyfriend who "comes between" him and his bestie. (I shouldn't have to. There should be enough room for me but this bitches grip is TIGHT) they are both new to the city after moving from a small town so they really only have each other. He's had past relationships but I'm not sure how she factored in. Did I sign up for a package deal? Ultimately at the end of the day I'm the one holding him at night and not her. Do I just roll my eyes and look the other way or what? There's some serious underlying.....shit going on. We've also never even had sex but that's a totally different post! I'm in Seattle and all my friends are on the east coast. I need hellllp!
I think you need to sit down with your bf and tell him how you feel. Try to be non-confrontational, and just explain that you'd really love to have a little more alone time with him. If anyone talks to this girl and sets limits, it's going to have to be him. He may be so accustomed to her behavior that he doesn't even realize it's a problem to you. Don't say anything mean or snarky about her...put the emphasis on more alone time for the 2 of you.

Good luck!
Are you sure he thinks you guys are in a relationship? You two may have entirely differing viewpoints on what's going on.
One sentence.....

You are screwed.

She is probably already figuring out what to say to him to make sure you never have sex..and the more time you spend with him.....she will be working behind the scenes to make sure she drives a wedge between you..and you won't even know it....

...which is why I always hung out with lesbians instead of fag hags....lesbians don't do that shit.

You aren't the only one who is screwed though..he is screwed too.....unless he "gets it" and does what he has to do to create boundaries with her. It has to be his idea though...not yours... It can happen....
Fag hags are evil, egoistic, abusive women. My friend once dragged me away when I was finally getting to kiss a super cute guy. "Let's go again, this is our night, he doesn't mean it serious!"

Had enough of female friends really.
hag ... is a very correct term .. they basically suck the life out of you .. but you have to deal with them one way or the other ..
This situation definitely calls for discussion to be had. This sounds like one of those triangle relationships where the friends love each other, but she doesn't have dick, so you fill that void for her. But then again, you said you guys haven't had sex yet, which makes me wonder if [MENTION=20941]Camfer[/MENTION] is right. No sex?! Or just oral?

This chick knows exactly what she's doing! He belongs to her, whether its romantically or not!

I'd say just ease into a personal discussion with him while in bed cuddling maybe. Whatever you do, watch your tone and don't drag her. He'll immediately become defensive. Ask questions about her and their past to see how he answers. Make sure you don't sound like you're snooping though. Short & quick responses would worry me. Also watch his body language as he talks about her. If he gets up to go to the restroom all of a sudden or shifts away from you, he wants to end the conversation. Which would mean there's PROBABLY something he's not telling you.

Whatever you do decide to do, don't ever go to her on the issue! She'll use everything you say as cannon fire to break you guys up.

Good luck!
I had this kind of experience when i was in I have a male friend, straight boy and he was quite attractive n fun to hang out. We were classmate n we hv been friend since in elementry. But here was a girl in my class and she was also a friend of mine that i knew she had a crush on my friend. But in tht situation i also had crush on him. We were so close and it was enough to say that he seemed to like me(or may be it was just, or he was just took a great care of me or something i cant brain as a kid of 14)...but this girl was always like clinging onto him and he was kinda hold on into it. She is a pretty girl n quite popular...Now, after the ,and all, they got engaged this year...yeah, i am happy for them but yeah, whtever.
Anyway, i hope things work out for both of you since u guys in a real relationship. Both of u guys are now as boyfriends. So, i think n confidently believe that your boyfriend will always respects the relationship tht u guys working on right now. And believe me, that girl is just a friend tht may be caring for her bestie. I hope u and your boyfriend may be can take a moment to talk and clear this thing up. Good luck.
That happened to me, and I never knew I was a jelous guy until I realized that, the girl wasn't his bestfriend, she was just one girl on my same highschool and she added my (in that moment) boyfriend on all his socials, and began to like every photo of him and also comented everything he posted. I was so upset, I talked to him about that situation but he always was laughing about me because he didn't cared about her, the fact he didn't knew her. I never feel the need to put in place a woman until that but I didn't really made anything, so just when I saw her on highschool I just rolled my eyes to her. I couldn't made anything else because I was and also partially still a closeted guy, but I swear I really wanted to stop her and say "bitch dafuq you want my guy, you hoe?"... but that's history.

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