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my mother asked me....
I took my mother to the hospital for some blood work. And on the way back she asked me how do you guys do it? I knew exactly what she meant but I acted like I had no idea. Then she goes and gives me an example, she starts saying a guy and a girl have sex like "blah blah blah". So I just drive faster, there is no escape for me lol. There is a silence between us, then she asks me again and I just keep ignoring. She has been very interested in my love life recently and has been asking me a lot of questions. I love how she is supportive but its just awkward. Its almost like she is more comfortable about it then I am. Its like that sex talk parents have with their teenage child. She is a very traditional woman so I don't really know what to say to her. Now she wants to meet the guy I've been seeing, were not really dating or anything just "talking". Plus the last friend I brought over, she asked him if he did drugs, had a criminal background, its almost like a job interview. So am I just supposed to tell her that we do it in the butt? or just keep ignoring her? Sorry this is kind of weird but I just want some opinions on this.
[SIZE="3"]Just be happy your mom is supportive at all, i was disowned by my family for being bi.

She is just being a good mother and all , if you feel uncomfortable about talking to her about it. Then explain that to her and tell her how awkward it is to have those kind of conversations with her. Oh how i wish my parents would of been so supportive and accepted my way of life.

The interviewes you mentioned sounds like she really wants you to be happy and with a decent guy. Gotta love Mom for that.

Good luck with explaining the sex in the butt , but i dont think i would give her every detail.[/SIZE]

My mom has never done this to me, but my boyfriend has a mom a little like yours. She was most curious about my job history, education, future plans, and had a highly uncomfortable sex talk. A few times when he went home he was questioned as to whether he was high... I barely even drink lol. He ended up telling her something like not all gays do anal sex because it was such an issue... I don't know if it reassured her at all, but she hasn't done it since.

I think it's natural for parents to be curious; your mom is probably just trying to look out for you and trying to make sure you're safe and are going to have a good future. Basically she probably just needs to be reassured, honestly.

Oh......deary, deary, dear...........even Mister Tinkles balks at this.

I met a guy once, who was not a boyfriend, who had a very inquisitive mother like that.

I was at a loss for words, believe that or not!!! LOL
I did not know what to say. I would have been more than happy to talk to her about it, but I didnt know anything about her, or if the guy that I was running around with wanted me talking to his mother about such things.

I pretty much told her that it depended on the people involved, as different people like different things, so it was hard to say.

And I still have no good response for this.
ringround Wrote:...she asked me how do you guys do it?
...Then she goes and gives me an example, she starts saying a guy and a girl have sex like "blah blah blah".
That would be a good time to cut in and mention that you read that a higher percentage of heterosexual women practice anal sex than homosexual men. Ask her if that's true. Tell her it surprised you, and you wanted to verify it, but you didn't know any women (other than her) who you would feel comfortable asking.
Geez that sounds as awkward as f**k... queue butt sex song!

My mother used to ask me lots of uncomfortable questions... She's dead now....

Bad humor/too soon?

Anyway, not knowing your mom I don't know if she is just typically inquisitive, or if she is trying really hard to be supportive and understanding and going places where Mom should never go.

The sex questions - she may need a bit of education.... I suggest finding a few safer, more clinical sites that explain that for her.

As for questioning potential mates, that is a good sign - she is only trying to make certain you don't make 'those mistakes' that could end badly for you.

Grilling of potential boy-friends is, traditionally, the Father's duty. I had to take that position for my nieces since their father was a sissy boy, unable to stand up and grill young men in a manner that leaves the boy a little wet in his pants. Damned hippy.

Understand older folk get all protective over the younger ones. Family looks out for family. Thus wanting to grill your potential mates is going to be there, somewhere. Better mom does it because women tend to be nice about the whole grilling thing. Men tend to remind the potentials about their skills with bow, riffle, or that they run with a biker gang and have no problem putting out a hit.....

<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
This is a phone conversation I had with my grandmother not long after I came out. She never lost her Italian accent, so her part of the conversation below will have it, it's not meant to mock Italians or anyone with accents.


Chuckie? It'sa gramma.

Hiya Gram

Chuckie I wanna you to know youa my grandson, and I lova you no matta what.

Thank you Gram.

But know I hava one question.....I wanna know, howa you do it?

Excuse me?

You knowa....howa it?

Well.....I just came out, so I don't know yet. When I find out, I'll let you know.

You tryina tella me you onea dem and you don't knowa howa you do it? You summa beech!

Gram, mom says she needs to use the phone. I gotta go! Love ya, bye!

Not long after, gram died. I approached some of my gay/lesbian cousins to tell them the story, thinking they'd all find it funny. I found out they all got the same phone call.

Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
I think that your moms exactly know how you do it Big Grin They just want to show an interest. Even my grandfather did know and was trying to convince me that, ehm, pussy is nicer (he literally said it). Finally he gave up when I said that he cannot know. My mom is also very open. When I borrowed her vaseline she told me: I'll buy another one for you and your bf but please don't use mine because it serves to moisturize my LIPS. I blushed xD

Tell her that it is important to you that she is so supportive and that you are glad she is in your life.
However stress to her that your private life is private and that her probing questions are not appropriate and smile and give her a hug when you tell her :-)

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