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need your advice
[very unique title indeed]

i can write many words about my best friend and our relationship- but i just want to see what you think of the following situation:
shortly; we're best friends, i'm 19, bi, he's 18, straight- but not that manly and i can't spot any girl in his close future. i have a crush on him, i'm 99% sure he knows about me, our friendship remains the same. And now- he want us to go abroad together, just the two of us.

what should i think? i have many reasons to believe he might be gay, but this situation is really stuck in this point where i'm sure he knows and i do feel something in the air with him sometimes, but i'ts never on the surface despite my vast hints...

if you guys wind up in Europe together just make sure you dont break down mid way.

Come out to him, if he is truly your friend likely he will remain after he knows.

Being camp is not a gay thing. Just as much as we are born that way gay he is straight. Its is wrong to assume otherwise. Gays are a small part of the population to reason to think he is gay. you might have to loose that crush on him.
my friend is camp ,, people take the rip out of him saying he's gay - he has 6 kids and has been maried with 2 kids,,, next girlfriend with 2 kids who cheated on him then his present long term to girl to be married to next july girl whos just has 2 children with.... he walks ,talks as camp as a judy garland movie but he loves women full stop so that no indication i believe -

go away and enjoy each others company.... im sure if anything is goin to happen with you 2 it will happen then - it will be just you 2 together sharing a room, try to get closer n see how he reacts,,nothing to loose.

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