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no more love
I can say that I loved my straight friend. Now its over. I just don't love him like that anymore. I want to love him again. I just miss it. When he calls me, i don't even want to pick up the phone anymore. It used to be that every time some one called me i was hoping it was him. When i see him, its just whatever. How it used to be was i would walk up to him smiling. Just to clarify, we loved each other, not like relationship kind of love. On another post (ideas around love). I don't know where I'm at with this guy. Maybe we see each other so often that it just ran dry. Maybe its a good thing, but i don't want it to end. I still care about him but its not the same.
your brain ran out of the love chemicals. you probably OD-d on them.
When I feel a sudden disenchantment with someone like what you're describing? It usually means they've done or said something that has damaged my perception of them. (For me, this is usually integrity related.)

Did something happen that caused this sudden shift?
[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
Did he do or say something that brought you to this place?
...................... This is too much drama for me.
Let us know before your birthday if you want a cross to hang from or a whip to use to beat yourself.
[COLOR="Blue"]People should be able to defend what what they believe, do and say.
Otherwise they will begin believing, doing and saying things that are indefensible.[/COLOR]
Is it me or the opening post is missing vital information?

This is what I read. ..
' I just don't like my straight friend anymore'
That's it!
Oh dear Sad this too shall pass.
Probably going to sound like the cold, unsympathetic jerk here, but since there are many here that excel at the well-laid out, compassion-filled advice posts, there are times when some of these also call for something from the other side- the reality check, 'lighten up Morrissey' post. I guess the person to give that advice will have to be me.

Dude, you had a crush. You came to know his better and your feelings changed. That's the way it goes most of the time. You are going to have many of them in life and almost all of them are going to pass with time and familiarity with the person. This isn't that big of deal. In the search for love and companionship in life, if you worry this much about the minor incidents enough to make an anonymous thread, you are never going to make it through the actual dating and love-life world, the place where the real heartache and worry sometimes occurs.

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