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oral sex male
:redface: I was wondering if anyone could help with this question when performing oral sex on another man when he comes I gag is there a way to train yourself not to do that? I have dry mouth could that cause this reaction or is there some other reason? I feel inadequate when I can't let him cum in my mouth like I'm not satisfying him completely. do men have more of a problem with this then women do?

:redface:man im more nervous trying to help than you are but i will try my best

i think men at times have problems cumming in their partners mouths but they do get horny when they perform oral sex on their partner cause its happened to me as well im a great sucker but at times i cant seem to cum in their mouths

i hope this helps
I have never had this problem i love to swallow but you may try at the point of orgasm just hold the tip in your mouth and put your tongue just in front of the tip so the seaman does not hit the back of your throat. wish you the best
You don't say, but I assume it's not the taste or the texture that bothers you? I've no direct experience of dry mouth, so I can't really comment on that, although if it runs in families I daresay I have it to look forward to :frown: I'm not sure how dry mouth might exacerbate the gag reflex though ... I think it is possible to get used to relaxing the throat, but from what you write that isn't what's going on. Tell him you need more practice ... lots more practice Wink

Just a couple of thoughts in addition to MR NSL's suggestions. If he tends to be more often a shooter than a dribbler maybe a direct hit to the back of the throat stimulates the gag reflex? If you still think dry mouth might be part of the picture might it help either to keep a small bottle of water handy or would it be too much of an off the wall suggestion to perhaps lube him up with something like yoghurt?

Maybe someone else will have more practical suggestions?
I would say use the tongue suggestion or maybe when he is about to cum, position his member to maybe a cheek or one side or another. That way it won't cause the gag reflex. I have similar problem and that's what I usually do. (the gaging part not the dry mouth) Just my two cents. Smile
Do you remember, Marshlander, us reading about drinking orange juice before performing oral sex because apparently it tends to get rid of the gag reflex... Now why that is, I don't know, but it's worth a try, isn't it? Another natural lubricant might be honey... tasty too.
I also think that a man does not need to shove his cock down another person's throat to ejaculate, so maybe, as Mr NSL has suggested, you should not try to swallow him whole, but aim to tease the tip as he comes?

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