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He likes oral only
He is a friend who is married and chased me for a year to give him oral, finally I did because I liked him, he is a nice guy and well mannered and considerate but not considerate enough to not cheat on his wife. For a year I kept telling him that what he wants is cheating, but he did not care and still was interested in casually seeing me now and then. For the past 1.5 years I have seen him 4 times and for an hour each. Really I can not call it a relationship and I do not expect much from him, but we both enjoy it. Should I feel bad about what I am doing, is it me that is cheating on his wife or if he does not care then just go with the flow?

BTW he does not do any anal or anything in return for me. I do not care for it either and enjoy giving him oral.

(09-10-2023, 08:47 PM)mikeyhexagon Wrote:   I do not care for it either and enjoy giving him oral.

He's just using you for a blow job and you are just using him to give one. Go for it or stop. Either way, you won't be getting much more than that.
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If he’s cheating that’s on him. If you enjoy sucking him and are happy for nothing in return then just enjoy that.

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