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outing people
I'm fat so that deeply offends me
gfxtwin Wrote:I'm fat so that deeply offends me



I think I just got the joke.

EDIT: and yes, friends!
You can't force someone to come out they have to be ready and do it themselves or if they wanted to or needed help I'm sure they'd confide in someone.
Ugh, can't wait for that communications class to start.

Could a mod lock this thread? I miscommunicated what I meant and it sounds like something awful. Now that I know what outing actually is, I would never out someone.
thats ok. we make mistakes; the most important thing is to learn from them to prevent it from happening again.
yeh i think you should talk to him but do it subtly and make it clear that that information stays between them and that you will never bring it up again !
I don't think this is based on anyone in particular. Maybe I am subconsciously influenced by something that happened between me and this girl I've kinda been seeing. I guessed her bisexuality and fortunately it was in a text and she felt comfortable and happy about it. Fortunately that's the closest I ever came to outing anyone. I could also be influenced by the times I was hiding my attraction to men and noticed that I wasn't fully loved by some family members and other people I knew. They knew I wasn't straight and they probably thought less of me for being secretive, like I was some homophobe or something. One of the main reasons I came out was to show everyone that I didn't hate LGBT people including myself, someone who is sexually confused.

Whatever the reason for making this thread, I'm just glad I've NEVER outed anyone.
One thing to remmeber. What might be no big deal to you may be a huge deal and stuggle for others. Believe me.... I know.

"Everyone is fighting thier own unique battles"
It depends where do you live. If you live in gay friendly enviorment it is not such a big deal (except outing to your parents, it can be bad sometimes) but if you live in Macedonia or somewehere where people are big homophobes it is really bad thing.

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