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plz advice me
Hi friends i am living in london for 2 yrs , i am still exploring my sexuality but fl happy to e gay , i have a male friend who is 58 yrs and i am 28 . we goout together to cinemas , restaurants , ets last few times we met he started to hug me and kiss my cheeks on meeting and when we leave each other does that mean anything? . plz i need the advice desperately. Thanks in advance
Oh, i think you've problem with him, Just like your feeling about him, maybe you don't love him tho your thought, we don't discuss about ages,with hugs and kisses, it look like activities of daily living, just still hugs and kisses but giving your friends, family.
I think you need a talking between you and him, about how both you feel about each other, maybe it'll give you answering about your problem.

PS: i hope you're understanding what i say, sorry about my bad English.
Great thanks for you .I am just really confused because i love him but can't break the ice and i feel he is too . This will be my first thing with a man so i am really confused . I feel i really love him coz he is very very kind and has a tender heart and feelings .
I would talk with him about you both, what you want, what is possible etc...
This "nobody know anything" is not really good and if a appropriate situation is there, but no need to rush.... but if you really want to know is there more then friendship ( possible )... it needs a talk...
Hi wakel2000,

Hey there, hope you're doing well. I read this post and my first reaction was, uh oh, this guy sounds like hes into you.

So, age aside, i'm 27, remove this guys presence from your mind, and figure out how you really feel about this. I've been dealing with this too, having gay guys as JUST friends. I've had older gay male friends through social organizations like choruses and stuff, but i feel like if i were to hang out alone with them, that this kind of thing might come up.

So figure out what you're comfortable with, and you set your own boundaries. if you're into this guy then by all means let it happen.. but if hes gay then theres a chance that hes into younger guys. So.. just don't exempt him from the gay category.

I've thought before, oh this guy isn't attractive to me, therefore I don't have to worry about anything sexual happening... but, hes a person too and sometimes people can't help being attracted to you. I recently had to end a friendship with this 40 yo guy, because although he respected my feelings of only wanting to be friends, he would still play emotional games BASED on his deeper feelings for me.

So watch out. I would hate for you to really rely on this guy as a good friend, only to find it to be emotionally difficult for you Sad

I hope you guys can be just friends tho. Gay friends are wonderful to have. Smile
Let him know you're gay. I'm assuming he doesn't currently know, right?

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