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what should I do? (any advice will be appreciated)
Well, it's a very long story to tell but i'll try to keep it short as much as I can.

One year ago, I met a guy on some dating website. He is a danish teenager (16) and I'm 19 yrs old from north Africa. It got started as chit chatting and with time passing we found out that we a lot of things in common. We are talking since then, and we fall in love with each other (REALLY we did).

I love him so much and I can face the world to get him. The problem here that we are:
1. Really far away from each other.
2. Both of us still students. (which means that we are not affordable to travel)
3. The most important of all "I love him and I can't abandon him"

We always keep thinking of how we can sort it out and make it happens, but again we got blocked by the limitation of distance and money.
I don't wanna leave him and at the same time I can't stay with him like that, I just hold him from having a normal life.
I'm really don't know what to do, but what I can ensure that I can't live without him.

Should we wait for a miracle? Or should I let him go (it won't be easy for me)?

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