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where have you found your lover?
Hi, I'm an italian guy...
I would like to find a gay friend: with this aim I have created an account on gayromeo (an european gay web community, like you probably know) but there I find individuals interested only in sex. Moreover this last thing makes me quite angry 'causa I don't like very much to see individual interested to meet only for doing sex (without even know themselves)...
so, if you have a gay friend or a gay lover can you tell me where did you find him?

(sorry for my terrible english XD)
Well, for lovers, the last two I found in truck stops, well trucks in those truck stops but, then I was a truck driver so, that's where my friends and lovers were if I saw them at all.

Most recent friends, no sex? Online and NOT on dating sites.

In between friends, up the road, at the fishing hole when the bass were running, at a trail ride for charity event, here, there, around. Not in a club or on a dating site though.
Hi mate.
I know how you feel, I don't do the sleeping around thing either.
I think in general a lot of gays online are just looking for sex.

BUT there are other guys, like myself, who aren't looking for sex, just passing the time, and looking to make new friends.

I have just (a few months ago) split with a guy after living with him, and like you I'm looking to rebuild my social circle, because as I'm sure you know, when you get into a relationship, it does cost you a lot of friends unfortunately, you just drift apart.

What I'm trying to say, is don't look to the internet because the chances of finding a friend in the flesh is very small, get out, go to the boozer, join a club.. just get out and meet people.

Good luck.
met him on, yes we were only interested in sex.
we did one night things, dated for some time, moved in together, broke up, re started dating, moved back in. Its been about 3.5years all told

i dont know what to tell you except love finds its way when you are not expecting it to.
Lovers and in relationships, In order of appearance:

1. Work
2. Bar
3. Casual/private party
4. Not so casual public party (large gathering).
5. Coffee shop
6. AA/NA meeting

The other two (one night stands) were at raves/dance clubs.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
thank you for your anwsers! you give me a little bit of hope...probably I've never known gay individuals in the reality 'cause I've not done the coming out yet and I'm a little bit scared about the possibility that, if I did it, I could "lose" my relatives and many of my friends..
Your English is not terrible at all.
I met my boyfriend online and we currently have our relationship over the internet only because he lives at the far end of another continent. I met him through a fanfiction piece I wrote and published on He read it, liked it and emailed me about it...He said he feels a connection, and little by little I started feeling it too. And it just happened. :]
thank you slipknotrizz! I always believe I make many mistakes using english XD
I'm glad that you've found in this way your lover Smile
Search for Gay groups adn workshops in your area such as meditation, sports, yoga, travel.....
I met mine at an Industrial Concert Big Grin

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