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white and asian?
I am asian
I prefer white/caucasian whatever(not loving all white)
I like asian 2

but the point is,is it possible for an asian get a white bf?
cause it's my little fantasy.
some ppl online sayin something to white ppl dating asian
"oh,you're dating a ****ing asian piece of ^$*&#^"
"oh,you're rice queen"
what the xxxx
that's racist
I mean,there's gotta be some hot asian right
keep the answer short plz Confusedmile:
yes it is possible... I know where i live there is white males with asian men
Don't listen to people, those that are making those sorts of comments are commenting about themselves, not you.

And yes, there are some hot asians, YES it is normal for an asian guy to fantisize about white guys, no racism involved at all.
Tongue I'm not white, nor am I black, or am I asian. Yet I fantasize about each of those races Tongue It's okay lol, and it's absolutely okay to have an interracial relationship. : )
Hi Winson ,
Welcome to GS
Ignore people like that, it is possible and fine.
Short answer, aye?

Yes, it's possible. It's normal to have interracial relationship nowadays.

Welcome to Gayspeak, Winson.
My partner is asian,,,,,,together 12 years. Mixed relationships can and do work,maybe needs a bit more work than non mixed relationships,.
Why it should not work .... asian, european, black, white, blueberryicecreamcolored....

It is possible, great and very fine.... all other opinions against mixed relationships are rassistic sh*t
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Definitely, I know several gay couples in mixed-race relationships, including Asian/white ones. It happens all the time.

Sometimes I get the impression that most people of race X only prefer dating X people, but I think that has to do with familiarity and such. I'm white and some of the best guys I've dated have been non-white - in fact, I've had a sneaky suspicion that white guys aren't for me, LOL. Just keep your mind open and ignore what the naysayers say (like the rice queen thing, etc.....that's nonsense).
I'm white and asian so I don't see the problem here xD

My mom and dad have been married 20+ years now so it shouldn't be a problem with the right person.

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