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http://www.myspace.com/xthevinx there's mine Smile

Invasionwoah... thats a lot of smileys.. thought it was a pile or something, anywho!!!!!! my (be nice!)

mine is a bit of a hack-job, but here it is anyway


cancelled my old one, now it's MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/385137836

Does anyone still use MySpace anymore?
I know I canceled my account, I didn't want to because I love working with HTML coding, but the general consensus was everyone was switching over to Facebook, but with the people becoming more and more unhappy with the new look Facebook, will they revert back to MySpace?
Incidently 9 out of the 14 MySpace sites on this thread still work.....

Not bad going really !!!!

I may start one up again lol

Star Twister Wrote:Does anyone still use MySpace anymore?
Yes, I have a page for one of my bands. It is sort of useful, although I think my own websites do at least as much if not more.

ps More, that is, in terms of attracting work. I didn't mean to suggest that I am any good as a web-designer or programmer.

Yeah i still use Myspace, and yes, i don't like the new look Facebook has!

Myspace used to be explited like hell, it has always been a buggy social website.

I joined facebook a week or so ago, and everyone seems to be using it less!
I would be round their slapping their design team around the face I could do better than all of them put together!

friends pushed me to get on both MySpace and Facebook... and a number of others I cant remember...

Only use them for friend searches and giggles when long lost friends find me!

Just for that MS or F or any other social networking site is BRILLIANT!

My myspace is www.myspace.com/destinysfait if anyone wants to add Big Grin

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