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Question for you
pellaz Wrote:Do you need a room mate? everyone is better off having that alone space.

I think some people can not stand loneliness.

I would choose to have roommates too (only as friends) instead of living alone.

it brings down costs too but another problem is that it might be messy in shared areas.

a room mate is a poor substitute for you own boy. being alone really pushes you out to find someone. and no room mate encumbrances when you find him.

The camera thing is just REALLY creepy. I mean... if you're living there too, you should be entitled to the same amount of privacy they have.

it comes to this question again, why is it so urgent to find someone.

living with roommates do not mean share everything. but yeah, i would recommend to live with straight roommates. i would not want a bitchy one around.

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