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Member's Testimonials On GaySpeak
Sorry, Butt, you are on the wrong forum. This is not a pickup site, not at all.
I bid NO Trump!

(12-30-2007, 12:16 AM)spotysocks Wrote: Hello  guys ,

So i thought to open a new  thread  for testimonials for the new members to see.  Write something about  gayspeak. How did you find it, how long you use it, what  you think of it ect.  Confusedmile:
greetings to all people here.

i found this website by myself. I'm looking for a gay forum to share any thoughts, feelings and experiences that i can't express in real life, since my country is largely homophobic (Indonesia). so i'm still new here.

I'm looking forward to have a conversation, discussion and make a new friends with people here Smile
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  • andy

I see that despite a very mediocre engagement, someone is still sweeping the place occasional. I've seen the boundaries stretched fairly to the max around here over the years but it remains the only gay forum where I've made friends with kids and parents, all fully aware of the risks and how to respond accordingly. This place has a great body of work to bring loads of comfort, understanding, and expansion of views. Whomever is helping with that, thank you!
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  • Bookworm, IanSaysHi

I guess it’s @andy - if so thank you!

I do miss everyone and when it was really busy here. Andy if you feel like doing a mass email to encourage people to come back for a specific date or something that would be nice Smile
Gossip is the Devil’s telephone; best just to hang up.
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  • Bookworm, CellarDweller

I would like to see some people come back.
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