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Your best opera songs

does this count ??

I like Queen so it's good enough.

I guess I'll gay the thread up a bit and post some Gilbert and Sullivan.

G&S's operettas are essentially responsible for the style of musicals.

this one is very funny "Everybody Ought to have a Maid"




Singing doesn't start till 1m 57 but when it does "wow" very rare anything moves me till my eyes well up a little but his voice does on 3m 50sec....even audience members are crying as the do have a good story behind the duo

Had to put this:


OrphanPip Wrote:He uses falsetto, like many counter-tenors.

Only a few male singers today can reach the upper ranges naturally.

wow...this is amazing! I used to think they have their ballz removed before adolescence, glad you showed me this video :biggrin:

In the early 80s an unexpected French film put this song on the charts....
been a beautiful favourite for some decades now.
La Wally


Not one of the main arias from Carmen, but I've always been intrigued by the magic of this female voice duo, generally performed by the cast of cigar makers in the factory.

here it is by the chorus:


The Flower Duet in Delibes's Lakhmé: pure operatic joy!


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