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sooo confused
hi all, uve probably all heard this a million times, well im 24 i have a great gf . but feel like i need to experience what its like to be with a man, i have found 2 guys that live in my area , they are a gay couple and very keen to meet me . i have tried to meet them but i got scared and didnt.

should i go and meet them and experience it, or keep my darkest secret surpressed and carry on my life not knowing?

do it

be up front on who you are, your feelings etc.

A 3 some could be unstable in that someone looses out. Meet them for coffee or a drink and see who they are. Dont lower your standards.

Hi guy. You may want to experience your first time with a single guy. If someone feels left out they may get jellous. Also you might be overwelmed with two people. Make sure you talk about what you want to happen sexually. Set limits and understand that NO MEANS NO! Don't be afraid to say you are not into it. I've had guys say that to us before and we respect there choice. Above all HAVE FUN!

hmm yea i know we all know what we want, i want to be sub and controled , is that bad for my first time, i dont want a relationship as i have a gf , wish i was in usa u all seem so nice

Was it something I did not say?

Aw, pity you deleted your account. :/

Anyways, I think there's nothing wrong with wanting to try, no matter in what way, if you want to be controlled then great. But you have a girlfriend and that would be cheating. Have you talked to her about it? Maybe she will be understanding and will have no problem with you trying. If that happens and you actually talk to a guy about having sex with them, make sure you're clear about what you want and make sure you can trust them - especially since you want it more rough. If the guy is not careful enough, you could be left quite traumatized.

yes you should do it, be open, be honest, be who you really are

It's VERY common for a guy who's curious about being with a man to want to be in a "submissive" role because it gives them the justification of "they made me do it."

It's kinda like guys who ONLY have m2m contact if a woman is present - it allows them to retain some measure of their masculinity while acting out a sexual fantasy or desire.

Whether he meets these guys or not, the fact that he's made moves toward meeting a guy sexually just really means its only a matter of time before he actually does it. And i'm guessing that while he has a GF, his porn of choice is gay/bi porn and he thinks about m2m sex ALL THE TIME!

Hopefully he'll re-create his account and update us.

all good but the account is self deleted

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