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Pope no longer opposed to condoms
sort of anyways

so what's new; as 95% of breeder Catholics have use contraceptives anyways.
will US Catholics now be allowed to buy condoms at catholic health institutions?

wow... some odd news here.

Well it's about time.

you'd think so eh.

now I know what the the next step for Pope is.......to endorse gay marraiges!!!

TryingNewThing Wrote:now I know what the the next step for Pope is.......to endorse gay marraiges!!!

If only he would! But we'd still have the fundamental extremists (i.e. Westboro Baptists) spewing hate speech!

That blog was commenting on an old, near ancient news article:


That was written 20 Nov 2010.

It took two years for the guy to notice?

I believe I brought this to the Gay Speak table a few times before we we 'discussed' The Church, the Pope and policies of both.

This is perhaps one of the most significant moves in the 21st century by the Catholic Church Authority. Granted, it seems minor, it seems like a laughable subject. But the reality is that the condom wearing issue does have a profound impact on sex and even sexuality in the 'doctrine' of the Catholic Church.

The church struggles to fit 1000+ year old tradition in the 20th and 21st century secular world. It is not easy. Way back in the First Millennium scientific knowledge was virtually nonexistent, and humanity was less than 500 million. A lot of the 'rules' of being Catholic met the needs of a world vastly different than the one we have today.

Eventually the Church is going to have to acknowledge that yes God Said 'Be fruitful and Multiply' , but that doesn't mean that God wanted us to breed out of control until our sheer numbers broke his Creation.

Now that we are adding about a billion people per decade, we are facing the century were the Church is going to have to take a stance on birth control.

It is not likely that the Church will wake up one day and suddenly say 'Yeah, we need to stop breeding like rabbits.'. Instead its going to take baby steps, laying the ground work for the use of contraceptive on minor shift at a time.

Balancing thousand years of traditions with the modern world is never an easy task. Especially when your job depends on continuing the illusion that you represent the infallible.

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