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So tell me the ways.
so, let's say i meet a new friend in general. Should I instantly tell people right from the start that I am gay? or is being abrupt not the best way to handle it. I can't just walk up to someone and go, "Hey Betty my name is Clark and I'm a flaming homo. Wanna watch a flick sometime?" How do i handle introductions as a gay man? I just see no way around it.

As far as I am concerned.
I don't tell anyone unless they ask ^.^
Oh, and obviously when ya have a boyfriend...And they don't know you can simply say..
"Oh, you didn't know?"
Lol. ^.^

Don't gotta announce it to the world!

Personally I don’t think they need to know straight away. I would only say something if it came up in a conversation.

same as everyone said... they dont need to know right away. give it abit of time or they ask.

Personally, I have told my really good friends. Those I trust and feel like should know the truth about me. All the others I say let them find out on their own, or not at all! Smile

i planted a pic of my husband on my desk at work. Did a lot more good than bad. Who do you think you are that:
-they don't already suspect, id rather be judged by abilities rather than rumor and innuendo.
-99% of your acquaintances really don't care and wish you good in what ever turns you on

What can I say? I haven't gone out of my way to tell anyone at work, but everyone knows and no one has a problem. I told the first people 9 years ago, a lesbian couple, and from then on when ever I get the 'Why aren't you married/got a girlfriend' question, I tell them, but other than that I make no mention of my sexuality at work or amongst friends.

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