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Hello from Michigan I have a question
JasonBourne Wrote:I love it when my girlfriend fingers me when she gives me a blow job. I hear a lot of straight men love it because the prostate gland is down there. Lately I have been wanting her to use her strap-on on me and she was a little uneasy about it but said yes to it. I guess my question is do you think I may be bi? or just really horny lol. My girlfriend told me I wasn't the first guy she used a strap-on for and there nothing to be ashamed of about it.

While the words are homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual, they is really not that much emphasis on the Sex in them, thus it is not homoSEXual, etc.

Sex is a complex thing. It serves many more purposes than just insuring that yet one more hungry mouth is born in a world overcrowded and dying in its own waste by-products.

Being straight, bi or gay is much more than just a sex act. Its who you want to be with, who you connect with intimately, how you spend the other 23 hours 40 minutes of your day (assuming you have sex once a day).

Wanting your prostate tickled doesn't mean your gay or bi. Wanting to cuddle with a man, or build a life with one would be far more an indicator of such things.

Do you want to be with a man? Do you have a need to cuddle with a man, or form a deep bond like that of marriage with a man? If yes, then yes you are bi or gay. If no then you are just sexual - meaning you enjoy sex which 99.8% of humanity does enjoy sex.

No I never really had any of those feelings for a guy before bowyn aerrow

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