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Prague Pride
Today was (well, it's midnight, maybe still is:biggrinSmile the Prague Pride.

It was only the second Pride Parade and about ten thousand people took part in it.

a few pictures (number 13-14 are from the parallel homophobic demonstration) and a video

The symbol of the Pride was a Tangram:
[Image: PP%20Banner2_240x400.gif]

That is awesome , I love the pictures.
I love the 4,5 ones they look like a never ending rainbow.
Thank you so much for sharing.

gays in the US are questioning the need for pride while civilized countries are struggling to hold the event. Its a wonder how things change.

Pellaz, I am not sure if there is any "need" Smile But I am glad the organizers made it a reality.
Or current president needs to be educated, that's for sure...

Prague Pride kicks off with presidential debate
a photo and an article in English

[Image: 2012-08-18T150103Z_1710233908_GM1E88I1RW..._CZECH.JPG]

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