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So when i met someone who has pottencial to have a sexual life with me; im gonna ask him for tests and gonna have my own. And we're not gonna even kiss for 3 month? tests okay but 3 month without any kind of physcial contact?

ya; you still should get tested once twice a year through your health insurance. Share the results with your partner.

have some sort of channel to talk about these things. I mean if you cheat on your partner; can you tell your partner your sorry. And we gave to start using a condom for the next few months? Or just keep shut about it and continue with him not knowing for at least 2-4weeks minimum. take him with you right?

okay before i go to college im gonna get tested. I hope other people can too. But you can't ask someone do you have HIV or show me your test results? Its rude.

You can kiss, just make sure neither of you have any open wounds or sores in your mouth, no big deal. As for being rude, if he thinks it's rude to want to stay healthy and, alive, then do you really want to be with him?

It isn't rude to be prudent. I don't ask for test results on day one, but if we are going to hook up, I do ask if they have anything I need to know about and, I still use protection - usually latex but, they will tell you if they are allergic to it and, you need to use lamb skin instead. And if, after a few weeks it looks like it's going to work I do bring up testing and, offer to pay for theirs when we go together to get it done.

okay blue thank you so much for clearing that upSmile

Buffylo Wrote:Wait... he tested positive before then stopped testing positive? say what?

No he failed the HIV tests when were first got together - he tested negative - no HIV, then suddenly he started passing the test - tested positive.

HIV is the only test you want to fail - as in get a negative score in.

I was attempting to use humor to hide my horror. It didn't work well.

Blue Wrote:I'm the KNOW it group, but, that's based on having been a long haul truck driver and, having a partner meaning we drove as a team and were literally together 24/7/365. As close to apart as we ever got was different stalls in the same public bathroom. Okay not quite but we were never apart more than a few minutes when one or the other would go into a building, either to check in with a customer or, to get something, or use the restroom in a truck stop or rest area.

Yeah if I were to date again, it's either be latex or he'd have to be a 100% homebody that only wanted to leave the house if I went with him. Of course I guess that would all change if I had a terminal disease like cancer, or when I get too old and decrepit to care if I live or die. *shrug* just me.

Wow, that sounds like it would be either a wonderful relationship or the worst one on earth - Um being in a truck and going everywhere all the time with each other.

Homebodies can receive visitors. Now days there is the Internets I understand you can pretty much order men on line and they can be sent to your front door....

Mind I'm not trying to steal your joy here, I'm jaded by it all because someone betrayed my trust (big time betrayal actually) so I am suspicious, even of those who you keep locked up in the dungeon :tongue:

Its a reflection on me - men, can't trust them as a far as you can throw them. No, not even that far.... :biggrin:

Rumble88 Wrote:okay before i go to college im gonna get tested. I hope other people can too. But you can't ask someone do you have HIV or show me your test results? Its rude.
you are in a none accepting environment but you can do more for yourself, get tested today, get a test at home kit.

it is not rude to demand test results. Also talk about previous boy friends and life style is in order. be rude and you too can spread the hiv.

Both wonderful and horrible. Yes it's great when things are going smooth, but when you live in the cab of an 18 wheeler that will be 600 miles or more away from where it started by the time you go to sleep and wake up again, there is no such thing as your own space. You can't take a walk to cool off after an argument, you have to fix it then and there.

There are a lot of time when you have to share the bed, and it is a small bed (super single size at most). Even if it's 90 degrees in the cab, you had to unload the trailer yourselves so, you are hot and sweaty, and smelly and, you can't get to a shower before morning, you don't have a choice, you cuddle up and try to sleep.

But, you never have to wonder what you partner is up to, interested in, if he's safe, if he's upset with you or not, or that he took your wallet and is going to spend all your money. He's there to talk with anytime you want to talk, and if you aren't into the same things, you soon will be simply for something interesting to talk about. You will try watching movies and tv shows you probably wouldn't have if you had been able to go do something else and, you find out you like things you didn't know you liked. And you get really good a diffusing and resolving conflicts before they escalate into a shouting match.

And you know what, in the end all of that doesn't prevent betrayal. 9 years of that and I get diagnosed with diabetes so, can't drive and what do I get? A rather cold "Been good, been fun, keep the shiny side up and I'l catch you on the flip flop." (trucker for "It's over but I still want to be friends.") And we had discussed what would happen if either of us was unable to drive, the deal was that the one that couldn't drive anymore would stay on the truck as a full time passenger.

Well, you see that "Single" over there <----

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